Top 10 UK Expat Countries


The United Kingdom can be a cold, wet, and grey country.

Combined with this the UK has a poor economic outlook. Hence, 149,000 British citizens left the UK in 2012. But what are the most popular overseas destinations for British expats? If you are British and thinking about living, investing, or retiring overseas, you will be in the company of your countrymen in these 10 countries.

Here is the top 10 UK expat destinations

1. Australia- UK Expats-1,062,000 (UK Retirees-251,000)
2. USA- UK Expats-829,000 (UK Retirees-140,000)
3. Spain- UK Expats-808,000 (UK Retirees-104,000)
4. Canada- UK Expats-608,000 (UK Retirees-157,000)
5. Ireland- UK Expats-289,000 (UK Retirees126,000)
6. France- UK Expats-253,000 (UK Retirees-57,000)
7. New Zealand- UK Exapts-248,000 (UK Retirees-54,000)
8. South Africa- UK Expats-219,000 (UK Retirees-38,000)
9. Germany- UK Expats-97,000 (UK Retirees-39,000)
10. UAE- UK Expats-65,000 (UK Retirees-680)


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