Top 5 Ways To Celebrate Your Retirement


Top 5 Ways To Celebrate Your Retirement

It’s over. A lifetime of work, even if it’s work you love, takes its toll. You’ve probably spent the last few years thinking about how you’ll spend your time once you retire—fixing up the garden, taking a year-long road trip to all the states you’ve never seen, finally joining the gym… The experts at Live and Invest Overseas suggest you cash in your gold watch for an international adventure worthy of this milestone…

A Trip To The Old Country

grave yard

The United States has always been a country of immigrants, and these days tracing those foreign roots is easier than ever. An afternoon on the internet can yield a wealth of information about your forebears and their lives. If you have a hankering to know a little more about where you came from, whether it’s Ireland or Italy, start your research now and you’ll be ready to go as soon as your final afternoon in the office is over…

A Second Honeymoon

belice beach

A busy working life, a house to run, and kids to raise—is it any wonder romance fell off the radar? Retirement is the perfect time to rekindle that fire, and what better way to start with a second honeymoon in an exotic location? Sunny Belize is beautiful, easy to get to and offers a wealth of dreamy resorts suitable for a relaxed and private celebration…

A Family Holiday

Argentina horses

No one will be happier for you when you finally retire, than your family, so why not include them in the celebrations? There are lots of vacations you can take that will cater to multiple generations. Take Argentina; there’s shopping, excellent restaurants, history, culture, fine wine, vibrant nightlife, and that’s just the cities. Argentina also offer the opportunity for incredible outdoor adventures at the beach or in the wild landscape of Patagonia…

A Shopping Spree

Paris street


Paris may be the City of Light, but it’s also the city of luxury shopping. Start your saving early and you could welcome in your retirement years with a glamourous new wardrobe, the latest French hairstyle and a glass or two of champagne…


A Pilgrimage

Santiago meadow

Bidding farewell to your working life can be tough, many of us reach retirement with no real plans, and no idea how we’ll maintain our sense of purpose. Some time to think might be just what the therapist ordered. The Camino de Santiago, known in English as St James’s Way, is not just for the faithful. It’s a long walk (it’ll take you around 30 days) through the pastures, villages and historically important towns of northwest Spain. These days the majority of walkers are there for sport or leisure and many even cycle—but whatever you’re motivation, you’ll have plenty of time to think, and to be inspired.



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