Top Gay-Friendly Travel & Retirement Destinations


The unfortunate reality is that retirees who also happen to be gay face an additional challenge when trying to identify the best place in the world to retire overseas for parts of the world are much more gay-friendly than others and, some places, being gay is simply not allowed; it’s illegal.

The editors of Live and Invest Overseas, therefore, have named six top choices for the gay retiree, six places that are both gay-friendly and very appealing overseas retirement havens, as follows…

In Asia

Thailand: Bangkok is known as the gay hub of Asia, but it may very well be the gay hub of the world. While many countries have recently allowed same-sex marriage and adoption rights, and in much of the world you can find a gay-district with nightclubs and gay-friendly entertainment, Bangkok shines as, quite frankly, a gay playground. This is a place where gay is not only tolerated but enthusiastically celebrated at every corner. Those who visit describe Bangkok as electric and decadent, with go-go boy shows, kings, queens, and more… saying it is rainbow-friendly would be an understatement.

While Bangkok is a global gay capital, it could be more than a gay retiree is looking for. Not everyone is up for this kind of in-your-face party experience.

The Philippines: Described as “full of character and color,” the Philippines is another of Asia’s most established gay scenes. Particularly in the cities, namely Cebu and Manila, the gay scene in the Philippines is thriving, with well-known “hottie lookouts” and vibrant festivals.

Want something more relaxed? Consider Boracay Beach.

In Europe

Spain: While several European countries have passed equal rights for gays, Spain remains a top travel destination for gay individuals who come for the high-energy nightlife as well as the historical and cultural richness (not to mention the near-perfect climate and beaches).

Barcelona has an upbeat, prevalent gay scene, as do Madrid (recognized as the gay capital of Europe) and Catalunya. And surrounding islands, such as Ibiza and Gran Canaria, are also popular among gay travelers, retirees, and expats.

The Netherlands: In April 2001, the Netherlands became the first country to legalize same-sex marriage and grant full marriage and registered partnership rights to same-sex couples. So it comes as no surprise that the Netherlands is also host to one of the most vivacious gay scenes in the world. Amsterdam, for instance, is chock-full of gay clubs, bars, cruises, saunas, leather shops, and parades. It is, frankly, like a gay amusement park.

In South America

Argentina: Though gay marriage did not become legal until 2010 in Argentina, the gay scene is a lively one in Buenos Aires, which has rightfully been termed the “gay mecca of Latin America.” A South American city with a charming European feel, Buenos Aires is host to gay-friendly hotels, nightlife, neighborhoods, and what is considered the most open-minded and eclectic population in all of Latin America.

Colombia: Pretty, clean, thriving Medellin is flourishing in every aspect of the word. This European gem of a city in South America has taken the spotlight lately for its innovation, infrastructure growth, and overall appeal as an investment haven.

Medellin is also host to an upbeat gay social scene. Specifically, Parque Lleras is famous for hosting one of the most entertaining and energetic gay scenes in South America.


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