TSA Confirms D.C. Part Of United States


D.C. could mean many things to different people. Detective Comics, Droors Clothing, 600 in Roman numerals, British Detective Constable, or District of Columbia could all be likely understandings of the D.C. abbreviation. To one Transportation Security Administration agent, it meant a foreign country.

According to a tweet from Justin Gray, a Washington correspondent for WFTV-TV in Orlando, a TSA agent at an Orlando airport asked for his passport after viewing Gray’s Washington D.C. driver’s license. Apparently, the TSA agent did not believe the District of Colombia was part of the United States.

The confusion was eventually cleared up, but as The Washington Post reports, this is not the first time a D.C. driver’s license has been rejected as acceptable identification at an airport. In February, a woman at a Phoenix airport was asked to produce a passport after attempting to use her D.C. driver’s license.

As a result of the Orlando incident, all TSA agents in Orlando have been shown a D.C. driver’s license and told to recognize the document as an acceptable form of identification.


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