Turkey Tightens Foreign Residency Requirements


Due to a new governmental measure, expats in Turkey face losing their residency permits if they leave the country for more than 120 days in a year, according to the Telegraph.

The measure puts part-time expats in Turkey at risk of losing their residence permits.

The new rule applies to holders of a new style residence permit card and a blue residence permit book. Until April 2014, foreigners could apply for a blue book for one to five years’ residency in Turkey, but that changed after April 2014, when residents were limited to a one- or two-year residence card. The 120-day rule originally only applied to those applying after April 2014.

However, as of Jan. 16, those with existing blue books have been informed the 120-day rule now includes them.

Part-time expats may opt to simply enter and stay as long as they can on a tourist visa permit instead of obtaining a residence permit. However, that workaround comes with its own issues—buying a motor vehicle, phone, or Internet in Turkey requires a residence permit.

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