Vice President Joe Biden Applauds Panama


Brenna LaBine — U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden was in Panama City this week to meet with Panama’s President Ricardo Martinelli. On Tuesday, Nov. 19, he made a public appearance at the Mira Flores Locks of the Panama Canal.

Here, Biden publicly applauded Panama’s canal expansion as well as their recent contribution to international security–referencing the recent scandal with Cuba and North Korea. In July, Panama Canal authorities seized a ship headed from Cuba to North Korea. On board the ship, hidden among loads of sugar, were weapons and two fighter jets that appeared to have been recently used.

The U.N. deemed this cargo to be in violation of North Korea’s sanctions, and forbade the passing of the freight to its destination.

Biden praised Panama saying, “Panama did what we have hoped for in other parts of the world. It dared to act when others would have retreated…this is what responsible countries do.”


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