Washington Man Legally Buys Marijuana, Gets Fired


Mike Boyer, the first person to legally purchase marijuana in Washington, was promptly fired by his employer after appearing on television while making his purchase.

Boyer was filmed by television crews as he entered a marijuana dispensary in Spokane after waiting in line almost 20 hours to be the first inside on Tuesday morning, Washington’s first day of legal marijuana sales. Boyer was seen high-fiving other customers after purchasing four grams of Sour Kush before going home to consume the legal marijuana he had purchased.

After a client saw him on a newscast, Boyer’s employer requested a urine sample within 24-hours. The drug test came back positive for THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana, and Boyer was fired after 12 years as a security gaurd with the company.

Boyer is positive though, stating, ““I’m sad it happened but I got the title: I’m No. 1. I regret nothing.” Noting that he never smoked at work, Boyer is staying optimistic and hopes to find work in the now-legal marijuana industry.

Washington is the second state in the United States to allow for the legal sale of marijuana. Colorado allowed legal marijuan sales as of Jan. 1, 2014. The two states both became the first states to legalize recreational marijuana use and sales after successful ballot initiatives during the presidential election in November 2012.

Source: Washington man first to buy legal weed in Spokane is fired after spotted on news — Daily News

*Update: Boyer has been swiftly rehired by his employer, TrueBlue, and was given a day’s backpay for what TrueBlue has called a misunderstanding. July 7, 2014


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