What Are The World’s Most Friendly And Least Friendly Nations?


As a tourist, sometimes you can feel locals roll their eyes in certain countries more than others. The World Economic Forum has released their “Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2013″.

The report rated 140 countries according to competitiveness and attractiveness in the travel and tourism sectors.

The results were “based on the extent to which they are putting in place the factors and policies to make it attractive to develop the travel and tourism sector.”

Brilliant tourism infrastructure and facilities, sustainable development of natural resources, business travel appeal, and cultural resources were among the crucial factors in achieving the top positions in the rankings.

Here are the results

Attitude of population toward foreign visitors (1 = very unwelcome; 7 = very welcome)

Most Friendly

10. Burkina Faso 6.6

9. Ireland 6.6

8. Bosnia and Herzegovina 6.6

7. Portugal 6.6

6. Senegal 6.7

5. Austria 6.7

4. FYR Macedonia 6.7

3. Morocco 6.7

2. New Zealand 6.8

1. Iceland 6.8

Least Friendly

10. Mongolia 5.5

9. Bulgaria 5.5

8. Slovakia 5.5

7. Pakistan 5.3

6. Iran 5.2

5. Latvia 5.2

4. Kuwait 5.2

3. Russian Federation 5.0

2. Venezuela 4.5

1. Bolivia 4.1


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