Where Not To Live In France


The French Minister of the Interior Manuel Valls, has announced the first 15 zones de sécurité prioritaires (ZSP) where security will be heightened due to the above average crime figures.

Areas that will be given extra resources and police reinforcements are neighborhoods of Marseille, and part of Paris’ 18th arrondissements district, where drug dealing is rampant.

The new system will go into effect in September 2012. If Valls’ new policies show a drop in crime it’s thought he will name up to 40 more zones by this time next year.

In a statement made on Saturday, Aug 5 Valls said, “These fifteen areas are a diverse selection of towns in terms of size and geographical location, which witness the full range of crimes.”

The 15 areas to rule out of a search for an overseas retirement haven in France are:

Paris’ 18th arrondisement

The northern quarter of Amiens in the Somme department of Picardie

Meru and Chambly in the Oise department of Picardie

Quartier Moulins in the city of Lille

Saint Denis and Saint-Ouen in the Seine-Saint-Denis department of the Ile-de-France region

Mantes-la-Joile and Mantes-la-Ville in the Yvelines department of the Ile-de-France region

Tarterets quarter of Corbeil-Essonnes in the Essonne department of the Ile-de-France

The rural town of Chambly, to the north of Paris

Neuhof area of Strasbourg

Fameck, and Uckange in the Moselle department of Lorraine

Neighbourhoods of Marseilles

Three areas in France’s overseas territory French Guyana


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