Which Counties Produce The Most Models?


Looking for a supermodel for a wife? Then you should be buying a ticket to one of the following countries to find him/her. You made be lucky enough to be in one of the nominated countires right now.

However, the real trick is to go to one of the countries with the most models per person (the second list). For example, the winner of the list has 74 professional models for every million citizens. The list has some surprises, so you may realize that you need to shift your focus.

Top 10 Model Producing Countries (Overall)

10. France

9. Australia

8. Poland

7. Germany

6. Canada

5. Netherlands

4. United Kingdom

3. Russia

2. Brazil

1. USA

Top 10 Model Producing Nations (Per Capita)

10. Czech Republic

9. Norway

8. Slovakia

7. Netherlands

6. Sweden

5. Latvia

4. Denmark

3. Lithuania

2. Iceland

1. Estonia


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