World Cities With The Best Reputations


Forbes has released their list of the 20 countries with the best worldwide reputations. The Institute ran an online poll of 18,000 people in the G8 countries, in April and May of this year, and asked them to rank 100 cities in three categories: advanced economy, appealing environment and effective administration.

“Within the three categories, respondents rated cities on 13 “reputation attributes.” For instance, on the economy, the Institute asked whether the city produces many unique and well-respected products and services, is the headquarters location of many leading companies, is technologically advanced, is financially stable and has great potential for future growth, and whether it offers a favorable environment for doing business.

On the environment, the Institute asked whether the city is beautiful, whether it offers a wide range of appealing experiences, including food, sport, architecture and entertainment, and whether it is home to many well-known artists, scientists, inventors, writers, athletes and politicians.

On effective administration, the Institute asked whether the city offers a safe environment for visitors and residents, whether it has a well-developed structure of political and legal institutions, whether it follows progressive social, economic and environmental policies, whether it has an adequate infrastructure of transportation, communications, and public institutions and whether it is run by well-respected leaders.” – Forbes

Here are the top 20

20. Edinburgh, Scotland

19. Frankfurt, Germany

18. Geneva, Switzerland

17. Zurich, Switzerland

16. Rome, Italy

15. San Francisco, United States

14. Osaka, Japan

13. London, United Kingdom

12. Munich, Germany

11. Paris, France

10. Melbourne, Australia

9. Stockholm, Sweden

8. Venice, Italy

7. Florence, Italy

6. Barcelona, Spain

5. Oslo, Norway

4. Copenhagen, Denmark

3. Sydney, Australia

2. Vienna, Austria

1. Vancouver, Canada


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