The World’s Rudest Nations For Tourists


Denis FoynesSkyscanner has released the results on an intensive survey designed to locate the countries where the people are the rudest towards tourists.

Skyscanner claims to be Europe’s leading travel search site, operating in over 25 languages with over 25 million visits and over 11 million unique visitors per month. It has offices in Scotland and Singapore.

Some of the seeming rudeness may be attributable to cultural differences rather than anything deliberate.

For example, says Tatiana Danilova, Skyscanner’s Russian Market Manager, “the Russian language is not as polite as English, so when Russians translate directly from Russian to English, it can sound rude to an English speaker even if they don’t mean it to. We were surprised to see Russians come in second place,”

Here are the results

Nationality Percentage of votes

French 19.29

Russian 16.56

British 10.43

German 9.93

Other 6.37

Chinese 4.3

American 3.39

Spanish 3.15

Italian 2.24

Polish 2.24

Turkish 2.15

Indian 1.9

Swiss 1.9

Greek 1.74

Croatian 1.57

Austrian 1.41

Cypriot 1.24

Egyptian 1.24

Korean 1.24

Norwegian 0.99

Australian 0.91

Dutch 0.83

Irish 0.83

Swedish 0.83

Japanese 0.66

Danish 0.5

Canadian 0.41

New Zealander0.41

Indonesian 0.41

Portuguese 0.33

Thai 0.25

Filipino 0.17

Caribbean 0.08

Brazilian 0.08


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