You’re Never Too Old…To Travel Around The World


Born in 1906 Saburo Shochi a Doctor of Literature, Doctor of Medicine, Honorary Doctor of Philosophy, and poet has become the oldest person to travel around the world using public transport.

Mr Shochi has been recognized by Guinness World Records for his incredible achievement, in which he travelled through North America, Europe, and Africa.

The Japanese newspaper Mainichi says Mr Shochi started travelling regularly at age 99, giving lectures on child education and the health of mentally disabled children (both of Mr Shochi’s children had cerebral palsy).

Dozens of his supports and fans welcomed him home at Fukuoka airport in southwest Japan, where the centenarian is reported to have said: “I will live longer.”


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Lucy Culpepper

Lucy Culpepper has traveled to, written about, and worked in some 30 countries. She is originally from Wales in the United Kingdom, has lived all over the UK, in southern California, Spain, and France and has spent extended time in Mexico, Panama, and Costa Rica.