Make A (Tax-Free) Fortune...
Embrace The Resilient Life...
Build Legacy-Level Wealth...
Reinvent Yourself And Have The Adventure
Of Your Lifetime...

Dear Live and Invest Overseas Reader,

No one place could possibly offer all that opportunity... could it?

If I weren't here, seeing it, watching it, living it for myself, I'd be skeptical, too.

Panama is the world's top
retirement, offshore, and doing
business haven...

But Panama really is the best place in the world right now to retire, to start a business, to live tax-free, and to invest for long-term upside. This is a remarkable little powerhouse of a country with an ambitious agenda. It has rolled out the red carpet--for foreign retirees, for foreign investors, for global entrepreneurs--making it easier and more attractive than ever before in this country's history... and easier and more attractive than anywhere else on earth today... to think about spending your time and your money.

In its continued and expanding efforts to welcome the world's retirees, investors, and business folks, Panama is remaking herself. She is building new roads and paving old ones... building new hospitals, more schools, additional airports... creating tax-free and investor-incentive zones... investing in a metro system for Panama City... as well as new parks and recreation areas...

Again, if I weren't here, on the ground, watching the infrastructure and other improvements myself day-to-day, I wouldn't believe the reports. It's like watching time-lapse photography. When these Panamanians set their minds to something, they do it. A new highway? New bridge? Other countries in this part of the world promise those things for years before following through. In Panama, you blink and the promised road is a reality... the new airport open for business.

Now, no place is perfect, and I'm not suggesting Panama is any exception. There are downsides, struggles, and challenges associated with living, investing, and doing business in this little country so committed to improving itself. But those things can be addressed... overcome... if you're prepared and if you have the right guidance and support.

And the payoff can be enormous. Here in Panama today, you really can realize the retirement you've long dreamed of even if your retirement nest egg is far smaller than you expected it to be. You really can generate the income you need to live the life you want... and keep every dollar you earn. You really can invest for both immediate cash flow and long-term upside, positioning yourself in an economy that has managed to thrive in the face of the global downturns and disasters of the past several years...

In Panama today, you really can live better, retire well, start over, reinvent yourself, and take control of your financial future.

But I wouldn't suggest trying to accomplish those things all on your own. Speaking from nearly three decades of living and investing overseas experience, I can tell you that this is all far, far easier and your chances of success much, much greater if you have a little help along the way.

Panama Inside-Out--Warts And All

Panama presents extraordinary opportunity right now, but, when you begin to try to make your plan for how to take advantage of it, you realize something.

You realize that there isn't just one Panama.

There's the Panama of the marketing hype... 

There's the Panama of the Internet... 

There's the theory of Panama... the idea of Panama... 

Then there's the real Panama.

Panama is rolling out the welcome
mat for retirees and investors the world over...

Beyond the much-touted advantages of this country's pensionado program... beyond the excellent infrastructure... the high standard of health care... the affordable cost of living... the enviable geographic position... 

Beyond the banking advantages... the doing-business incentives... the tax breaks... the sustained economic prosperity... 

Lies a squiggle of a country with two long coastlines.

All the benefits I've been suggesting exist, and there are many, many others... 

But with so much on the table, the idea of Panama can become overwhelming... and, at times, misleading.

For, just as there is a wealth of information out there on Panama today... so, too, are there lots of mistruths and inaccuracies, misrepresentations and misunderstandings.

Some of this is a result of sugar-coating, misinformation intended to make a buck from the unsuspecting, inexperienced gringo.

More is a function of how quickly this market has been moving in recent years. Once information is published on the Internet, it becomes immortal, knocking around in cyberspace for all eternity. Even if it were true when first published, it can be misleading at best by the time you stumble upon it with the help of Google.

Then there are the travel tales of visitors who haven't spent more than a week in the country... or who've never ventured beyond Panama City.

And there's so much more to the "Hub of the Americas" than its capital city. 

Panama, as a whole, offers every lifestyle option you could possibly wish for... from vibrant cities to sleepy fishing villages... from cozy mountain retreats to white-sand beaches (take your pick along either the Caribbean or the Pacific coast)... 

And, like anywhere else in the world, each of these enclaves has its pluses and its minuses.

Description: quote_open.gifYou need to see Panama for what she really is. You need to open your eyes to the good, the bad, and the ugly of living, investing, banking, and doing business here. Only then can you set yourself up for success.Description: quote_close.gif

To get the best out of Panama--to determine which opportunities might be right for you--you need to know the full story... you need to understand all the facts, straight and complete and current... 

You need to see Panama for what she really is. You need to open your eyes to the good, the bad, and the ugly of living, investing, banking, and doing business here. 

Only then can you set yourself up for success.

You Need Help!

As a publisher of information on living and investing overseas for over three decades, I've been traveling to Panama for a long time now. And, today, I feel lucky to call this country home.

In the past dozen years, I've opened offices here (twice). I've purchased, rented, and renovated property... apartments and a whole building... riverfront and beachfront... in Panama City and beyond.

Nearly ten years ago, Panama City Panama City became my family's primary residence. My husband and I conduct our businesses here, and my son attends one of the city's international schools. 

And, again, the most important thing I've learned, in all my experiences travelling, living, and doing business all over the world as well as here in Panama, is that you can't do it alone. At least, not if you want to avoid making costly mistakes. 

I know people who've turned their backs on Panama thanks to misinformation (which usually originated on the web) or because they put their faith in the wrong people. A real estate deal that went awry... living costs that worked out to be more expensive than advertised... a bad experience with a so-called "professional" financial advisor or business consultant... 

This is such a shame. I appreciate how much Panama has to offer right now... and I believe in the potential of this country at such an important turning point in its history. But that doesn't mean you're guaranteed a good experience here.

Quite the contrary, to take advantage of what's on offer in Panama today, you need reliable help that you can trust. You need not information... at least not only information. More than information, you need judgment.

The World's Best Residency Program--
And A Work Permit, Too!

In May 2012, Panama's president issued an Executive Decree that has since become known as the "Specific Countries" residency permit. Big news, as this new program was heralded as not only easy residency, but a quick and easy route to a work permit, as well. And a work permit is no easy thing for a foreigner to organize anywhere in the world.

The stated objective of the decree was to make it easier for foreigners to work in Panama. The country is experiencing a growing shortage of qualified labor. The government wanted to do something to address the problem. So he conceived what amounts to the most user-friendly and straightforward residency program on offer anywhere in the world, not only today but in the history of residency programs.

What's more, again, this special program also provides for the holy grail: a work permit. To get one under this new program, all you need is an offer letter for employment.

This is all a very fast-moving target, and the Department of Labor continues to modify things to make sure the program works the way it was intended--which is to make it easier for skilled labor to come to work in Panama to address the growing shortage.

No one can say at this point how the rules for this program will be finalized or adjusted going forward or how long the new permits will be available. 

If Panama is on your radar and you're from one of the 40+ countries on the list of qualifying nations for this unique opportunity, this is the best chance and now is the best time you're going to have to obtain easy and quick permanent residency in this country... even a work permit. We'll keep you up-to-date on all relevant details and make sure you have all the information you need to act in future issues of the Panama Letter.

Here's Our Promise: 
No Rose-Tinted Glasses

For sure, I couldn't have gotten to where I am today all alone. Over the years, I've made lots of contacts in Panama. Some have turned out to be no use at all (these I politely discontinued doing business with)... while others proved to be goldmines of information. I continue to work with and to count on these resources today. Some have become good personal friends.

Now, to help you pursue your own dreams in this country, I'd like to share my experience--and that of my most trusted friends and advisors--with you... 

With the help of the network of resources I've developed over more than a decade of living and doing business in this country, I'd like to tell you the truth about Panama... without any sugar-coating.

My Panama Lettera monthly e-zine from the Panama-based staff of Live and Invest Overseas, will make it possible for you to get up to speed and to stay current, in real time, with current opportunities in the real Panama... opportunities that would be impossible to uncover, to vet, or to act on your own.

My Panama Letter doesn't deal in theory or rhetoric. It isn't produced by researchers or editors sitting in some far-off office who may have visited Panama once or twice. My Panama Letter is packed with information from expats living in this country and from my personal team of in-country advisors and professionals, including the attorneys, real estate agents, offshore experts, and tax consultants I trust personally. You can be assured that everything you read in Panama Letter is current, accurate, and real.

More important, it's delivered by people with real judgment... judgment born of real-world experience.

My team behind Panama Letter includes expats who love their adopted homeland, but who aren't afraid to admit its pitfalls, downsides, and really, really frustrating, ridiculous, enigmatic, even maddening quirks... 

Experts whose mission it is to give the full story... 

Meet Your Panama Letter Insiders

Kathleen Peddicord -- Publisher, Expat, and Contributor to Panama Letter

Over three decades a publisher of information on living and retiring overseas, Kathleen has been traveling to Panama for nearly 20 years. In that time, she's opened offices in Panama City twice; rented, bought, and renovated property in Panama City; and has made a number of business and real estate investments throughout in the country. Since mid-2008, Panama City has been home for Kathleen and her family. Living and working in the city, she's experiencing all angles of an overseas expat life--from educating her son at an international school to dealing with a foreign health care system (fortunately of an excellent standard)... even venturing lately onto the chaotic streets of Panama City behind the wheel of a car! Experience the expat lifestyle every month in Kathleen's column in Panama Letter

Lief Simon -- Expat and Real Estate Advisor to Panama Letter

Over the last 20 years, Lief has personally bought and sold property in 23 countries, including Panama. Few people know the Panama real estate market as intimately as Lief does. As the founding editor of Global Real Estate Investor and the staff Real Estate Editor for International Living for 10 years, Lief was one of the first investors to identify (and alert his readers to) the potential of Panama when the Panama City real estate market was just warming up. Nowadays, Lief's focus in Panama is west and south of this country's capital, on the Azuero Peninsula... though he still turns up the odd deal in Panama City (also his home these days). When Lief finds a worthwhile real estate opportunity in Panama, you'll hear about it first in Panama Letter.

Joel Nagel -- Attorney-at-law and Offshore Advisor to Panama Letter

Joel is the founder and managing partner of Nagel & Associates, a boutique legal firm focused exclusively on international issues. Joel's focus is on helping clients to select the right jurisdiction for a transaction and the best vehicle to reduce taxation and to protect assets. He has pioneered the licensing of international structures for foreign banks, mutual funds, hedge funds, and insurance companies. He created his firm's Personal Asset Protection Program and has developed sophisticated international estate plans encompassing trusts, corporations, partnerships, and insurance products. Joel brings all this experience to bear as he helps Panama Lettersubscribers understand the current opportunities available in the world's premier offshore jurisdiction.

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Get Up Close With The Real Panama

You probably know at least a little of Panama City. It's a vibrant, electric place of business, banking, and entertainment. A wonderful hub from which you can easily reach most major cities in Latin America. I like Panama City for its First-World infrastructure and amenities for doing business. That's why we've chosen to make it our home, right now.

But, as I've said, there's so much more to Panama beyond its capital. We'd like to introduce you to these other sides of Panama (beyond the expat hot-spots of David and Boquete, too).

Every month in Panama Letter, our editorial team will show you a new area within this beautiful country. They'll tell you about a particular neighborhood, a certain beach, a little-known town--what it has going for it... how much living here would cost... who this region will suit... who wouldn't be happy here... and who--on the ground--can help you settle in... It's their mission to introduce you to less known places. Places like the little beach town of Las Tablas on Panama's Azuero Peninsula... a town of 10,000 people without a single traffic light...

Description: Letter isn't a dreamy travelogue or glossy lifestyle magazine. It doesn't paint a rosy picture of life in Panama. It gives you a real feel for what it's really like to live, retire, invest, and do business in the world's top overseas haven.Description:

Up-To-Date Information From The Front Line

Little Las Tablas is one of our favorite budget choices in this country. When we report on the cost of living in Las Tablas, we always get the same reaction: "You've got to be kidding me!"

For such a little country, Panama
serves up a tremendous diversity of
appealing lifestyle options...

We admit it. On the surface, it can be difficult to believe the cost of monthly rent in this ocean-side town. But it's true. It's possible to rent a two- or three-bedroom, two-bath home a few kilometers from the beach and within five minutes' walk of the center of town for as little as US$300 per month. Your rent can be less than your monthly food bills!

Yes, a little place like Las Tablas can be affordable, but it's made even more so when you know where to go to get the best deals. For instance, you could never find the US$300-a-month rental by searching on the Internet. Such deals are circulated purely by word-of-mouth among the locals. If these kinds of super-deals make their way to agents, the prices are inflated for the gringo market.

To penetrate the gringo pricing level in a place like Las Tablas and get the real deals, you've got to become part of the local community. You've got to be connected on the ground. That's where we come in.

Our editorial team are expats themselves. Panama Letter’s Managing Editor Kat, expat since age 8, moved to Panama in 2011 to take advantage of all the opportunity she perceived on offer in this country right now. They're doing what you're contemplating doing--rebuilding their lives in one of the most exciting countries on earth right now.

There's no two ways about it. To take advantage of the best opportunities on offer in Panama you've got to be in Panama. Kat and her team are.

In every issue of Panama Letter, for every region, city, beach town, and community they feature for you, therefore, they are able to provide you with local contacts who will make it possible for you to access the most interesting opportunities and to operate beyond the gringo world (where the costs can be much greater!).

Our team can tell you...

And it's not just food that's cheap in Las Tablas and elsewhere in Panama...

The cost of living and of real estate, too, can be bargain-basement in Panama. Not in Panama City, but beyond, yes. A friend on the Azuero coast bought a two-bedroom house on a double lot for just US$45,000...

Cities, Beaches, Islands, And Hills: 
Find The Piece Of Panama To Suit You...

Of course, any place featured in Panama Letter will have more going for it than affordability. Our entire Panama Letter team understands what it takes to build a rich and rewarding life in this country, and they're every one committed to vetting every destination they consider for coverage accordingly. In addition to details to do with cost of living and cost of real estate, you also need to know all about things like good medical facilities, leisure and entertainment opportunities, safety issues, who your neighbors would be... 

The Panama Letter team will cover all these lifestyle concerns in every issue, introducing you to the best of Panama from end to end and from coast to coast. Over the coming months, Panama Letter will introduce you to:

What is your dream? Whatever it is,
there's a place in Panama for you...
let us help you find it...

Many of these places you likely never would have heard of before. They're not on the radar of most visitors to this country or glorified in the magazine press.

That's part of what makes these places so special and an important part of the reason you should know about them. They remain blissfully undiscovered and therefore temptingly cheap. For such a small country, Panama offers an enormous range of diversity. You couldn't possibly discover it all on one whirlwind trip... or even several. It could take you years of travel on your own to get to know all the faces of all Panama. We understand that you likely don't have years to invest in that kind of research. So our mission with Panama Letter is to help you to narrow your search... to target the locales that make the most sense for you.

Go In With Your Eyes Wide Open

Like anywhere in the world, Panama has its pitfalls. With its high standard of infrastructure and capital city that feels like a U.S. city, you can easily forget that you're in Central America... at first. But spend a little time here, and you'll remember! For all its advantages and benefits, Panama remains part of the developing world.

Panama is the #1 place on earth
right now to launch an Internet business...

This is the Land of Fiestas and Mañanas. As I write, we're all sitting, smoldering, in our downtown Panama City office. The air conditioning system went on the fritz last week. The air conditioner repair guy was due two days ago. No sign of him yet... 

Generally speaking, people in this part of the world show up late for appointments, meetings, even dinner parties. And good luck getting anything done in the months of November (Patriot's Month, when the country remembers--and takes off for--three separate days of independence) and February (when Carnaval celebrations can seem to extend for weeks)... 

Things don't work here in Panama as you might think they should... sometimes it'll seem that they don't work at all.

I couldn't be more committed to this country or more impressed by what she has to offer. But I'm no fool either. I see Panama's downsides as well as her advantages. I know about the frustrations and the limitations of living and doing business here. I face them every day.

I've got my eyes wide open. And still I choose to be in Panama. And I speak for my entire Panama Letter team. We're not dummies. We know the real Panama. And we're here to stay.

In the virtual pages of Panama Letter each month, we'll help prepare you for the downsides and the hassles of life here. Forewarned is forearmed. It's easier to let the frustrations roll off your back if you know to expect them. In fact, once you're prepared for them, the cultural differences are easier to accept. After a while, you may stop noticing (even start embracing) these little quirks.

Smartest Real Estate Buys On The Planet

I'm sure this doesn't come as news to you: Panama City is no longer the super-cheap destination she was 10 years ago. It didn't take long for foreign investors and retirees to catch on to her charms... and for city real estate prices to rise accordingly.

Rise they did... up, up, up, up... until a few years ago. Then world markets in general began to tumble and crumble, and the Panama City market evened out. In the time since, this market has fallen, but I wouldn't say it's crumbled. Prices in general are more negotiable than they've been in a decade, but some sellers are in denial. They continue to ask pre-fall prices.

Which means you've got to keep your wits about you. How much should you pay for an apartment in the banking district... in Paitilla... in San Francisco... in El Cangrejo?

Pricing in this town today is a very moving target. We'll help you follow the bouncing ball, neighborhood by neighborhood.

Description:'ll be in touch whenever there's opportunity to be shared or recommendations to be made. From new property developments to legislative changes affecting foreign residency or visa options... from updates on tax law to restaurant openings or further surprises from the government, our Panama Letter team will make sure you're in touch with Panama in real time.Description:

The country beyond the capital is a different market altogether. In fact, it's many different markets, some of which make solid sense right now for the would-be investor. Which ones? Why? How much should you pay for beachfront, ocean-view, riverfront, farmland... raw land for development... a lot in a private community? We'll tell you, local market by local market.

Panama beyond Panama City hides some of the smartest real estate investment opportunities on the planet today.

Living The Resilient Life In Panama

Panama is also one of the best
places in the world to embrace the
back to basics self-sufficient life...

Coley and his wife weren't worried about money, making ends meet, or how they'd pay for retirement. Coley was making a great living, the young couple and their two small children were enjoying a fully appointed life in Washington, D.C., and retirement was decades away. Looking ahead, their lives seemed to promise lots more of the same--more earnings and an even more comfortable lifestyle as they continued to work hard and make their way up the D.C. ladder. They had achieved, at early ages, the life that many Americans dream about.

Only it wasn't working for them. From their position in the U.S. capital, they had an insider's view of what was going on and, from their perspective, what was going wrong. This was seven years ago, and, after a lot of research and months of soul-searching, Coley and his wife, in their mid-30s, scooped up their two little ones and opted out. "We wanted to get out while we were still young enough to remake our lives and our children's futures in a way that made more sense to us."

Coley and his young family hopped a flight from the American capital to the Panamanian one, where, months before, they'd purchased a house on the beach. They had to pull the trigger on their plan, because their house back in the States had sold. Yet, they discovered, their new home on the coast outside Panama City wasn't finished yet. Arriving in Panama, the little family checked into the Intercontinental Hotel.

"We were at the Intercontinental for weeks," Coley explained Thursday night when we met for dinner. "I would wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. What had I done? What was I doing? We were living in a hotel in a Third World city with two toddlers, for crying out loud. Burning through our savings. No one could promise when our house would be ready for us to move in. I thought I'd made the biggest mistake of my life."

Today, seven years later, Coley is confident that moving his family to Panama was the smartest thing he could have done at the time and that, if he hadn't done it then, he'd do it today for sure. "I look at what's going on back in the States," he says, "and I know we made the right choice. I see very bad times ahead for my country. I think my family and I can do better for ourselves in this life we're creating for ourselves."

In the seven years since they took their leap of faith, Coley and his wife have welcomed a new member into their family (their third child was born in Panama City about a year ago), they've started businesses, including a school in the area where they're living because no international school existed anywhere nearby and, as Coley explains, "we got tired of homeschooling the kids," and now they're preparing to launch a sustainable community, to create a place where like-minded folks can work together to build the lives and the futures they want.

"I'm back in the States regularly," Coley explained over dinner last week. "I travel to D.C. every month to work with my consulting clients. When we meet, all they want to talk about is my life here in Panama. 'What's Panama really like?'... 'Do you have any regrets?' they want to know. 'Man, I wish I could do it,' they say. 'Boy, Coley, you've figured this out. Do you think I could do it, too? Do you think my family and I could make that kind of a move, too?'

"There's so much unhappiness and uncertainty in the United States right now, especially in D.C. I think people in that part of the country are at the epicenter of a growing recognition that things are out of control. What I realized years ago was that nobody was going to get things back under control anytime soon. Our only choice, each of us, is to take control of our own lives. I say this to friends and clients back in D.C. today, and they agree. They see this truth as well as I do. But they're scared, intimidated. I understand. I was scared, too, when the realization first set in for me.

"All I can say is that this move to a simpler life here in Panama that we found the courage to make? It was the best move and the best decision of our lives."

Stay On Top Of All Things Panama

I say again: Panama is one of the fastest-moving markets on the planet today. While much of the world is mired in recession and worse, Panama is pushing ahead... pushing, expanding, growing... Opportunity abounds.

You'll receive our full reports on the top options for living, retiring, investing, and doing business in Panama in each monthly Panama Letter issue. From new property developments to legislative changes affecting foreign residency or visa options... from updates on tax law to restaurant openings or further surprises from the government, our Panama Letter team will make sure you're in touch with Panama in real time.

Why You Don't Want To Miss A
Single Issue Of  Panama Letter

Every month, in the virtual pages of Panama Letter, you'll read...

Practical And Actionable Information
Every Month  To Your Email Inbox

Panama Letter isn't a dreamy travelogue or glossy lifestyle magazine. It doesn't paint a rosy picture of life in Panama. It gives you a real feel for what it's really like to live, retire, invest, and do business in the world's top overseas haven.

The healthcare in Panama City is of
a top notch international standard

The pages of Panama Letter are packed with practical information, everything you'd need to launch your new life or your new business... all the know-how, experience, and judgment you could possibly require to realize whatever Panama dreams and objectives you may have.

Every feature destination report in Panama Letter includes:

Plus, you'll get all the need-to-know information that's relevant no matter where in the country you choose to settle. Things like...

Try My Panama Letter Today... And Receive New Subscriber Bonuses Worth US$188.67!

To get you up-to-speed with Panama as quickly as possible, I'd like to offer you a number of special bonus reports, simply for giving my Panama Letter a try.

In fact, I'd like to send you 11 important Panama resources... and they're all yours with our compliments as part of this special invitation.

Yours free when you try my Panama Letter, your package of free gifts include:

But wait, as they say, there's more.

For this special offer, we're bundling together every resource we can imagine you might need as you consider and prepare for a new life in this beautiful little country. In addition, therefore, to the complete set of reports above, when you take advantage of this limited-time invitation and subscribe to Panama Letter for two years, we'll also send you two other important bonus reports:

Additional Two-Year Bonus Report #1: "Top 5 Medical Insurance Options for the Expat in Panama(a US$19.95 value) introduces you to Panama's health care systems, both public and private. This country boasts some of the best health care facilities in region. In fact, Panama is increasingly recognized as a leading medical tourism destination. And the top-notch medical facilities aren't limited to the capital city. 

Certainly, you'll find the best services in Panama City, but some smaller towns also offer good public and private hospital and clinic options. This report shows you where, beyond the capital, you can find them... plus it also details your top in-country health insurance options (including policies that could provide all the coverage you need for as little as US$50 per month)... 

Additional Two-Year Bonus Report #2: "Sunsets, Surfing, And Serenity--Early In On The Azuero Sunset Coast(a US$24.95 value) is your guide to where the smart money is headed in this country... the "other" Azuero, the only western-facing coast in the country, sitting smack dab in Panama's path of progress... 

11 Special Panama Reports With A Total Value Of US$188.67--Yours Free!

To regroup, this limited-time invitation includes 11 special premium reports in all when you subscribe to my Panama Letter for two years:

  1. "Panama 101: 101 Things You'll Wish Someone Had Told You About Panama" (a US$9.99 value)...

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  3. "The Work Visa Residency Report" (a US$9.99 value)...

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  5. "Panama Special Report: Panama City Beaches—The Best Beach Retirement In The Americas(a US$14.95 value)

  6. "Panama Special Report: Boquete " (a US$14.95 value)...

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  9. "44 Things You Must Know Before You Relocate, Retire, or Invest Offshore" (a US$29 value)...

  10. "Top 5 Medical Insurance Options for Expats in Panama" (a US$19.95 value)...

  11. "Sunsets, Surfing, And Serenity--Early In On The Azuero Sunset Coast"(a US$24.95 value)...

That's 11 special reports with a total value of US$188.67. 

Now here's the crazy part. These 11 special Panama reports that we're standing by to send to you with our compliments together are worth more than the cost of one year of your Panama Letter subscription!

Panama Letter's retail price is US$120 for one year, US$239 for two years.

However, during this limited-time invitation, you can become a subscriber to my Panama Letter for one year for only US$69. That's far less than the cost of the special free reports if you were to purchase them on their own... and a discount of nearly 50% off the regular one-year subscription price!

But here's an even better deal... 

Subscribe Today For Two Years—Get All 11 Reports (Worth US$188.67) And Save 55% Off The Subscription Cost!

Panama Letter normally sells for US$120 for one year, US$239 for two years.

Subscribe today for two years of the support, insider information, judgment, experience, and real-life know-how you'll gain with the help of Panama Letter, and you'll pay only US$109. That's less than the regular one-year subscription rate... a savings of nearly 55% off the regular two-year subscription rate... and almost US$60 less than the cost of the 11 special bonus reports if you were to purchase them on their own!

My Panama Letter is your real-life, real-time, real-deal guide to the real Panama. The subscription cost, considered within the context of the resources and the research that will be brought to bear to fulfill this service, is, I fear we will discover, not enough. 

However, right now, for a limited time, it's the price on the table.

Go here now to take us up on it (before we change our minds). 

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Kathleen Peddicord
Publisher, Panama Letter

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Panama Letter is the most complete and current resource to living, investing, retiring, and doing business in Panama available anywhere. I guarantee it. If you are disappointed in any way with the information, insights, recommendations, and discoveries shared in your Panama Letter subscription, simply say so. If you do, we'll promptly reimburse you for any issues remaining in your subscription. No questions asked. The Special Reports are yours to keep, no matter what.

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