Earn 16% Annualized From This Pre-Construction Buyback Opportunity In Panama

Set in the Archipelago of Bocas del Toro on 75 acres of secluded island property surrounded by the warm and crystal waters of the Caribbean, an established developer is building a hotel and residential villa resort on the island of Pastor.

Bocas del Toro, fast becoming one of Panama´s most popular tourist destinations, borders Costa Rica and is comprised of nine large lush tropical islands. The area is known for is marine diversity, turquoise waters, and pristine white sand beaches. All of these qualities which are ideal for a boutique luxury hotel resort.

Right now the developer is pre-selling units and then guaranteeing to repurchase those units within three years according to the scheduled price increases which nets investors annualized returns of 16%.

Investors Can Purchase Units With A Simple Deposit

The developer has sold out of its Phase One units using this very structure and is now focused on Phase Two, which is the second set of Villas. Villas are priced from US$416,000 to US$637,000 for one to three bedrooms. Investors can lock in their investment with a down payment of 15% of the list price. In other words, the amount of capital you´ll need to allocate here starts out at about US$62,000 with an upper limit of around US$96,000.

This offer has limited availability as the developer allocated only a few of these villa units for Live and Invest Overseas readers.

Developer Guaranteed Buyback Within Three Years

The developer has up to three years from the date of your investment to buy back your unit. If the developer repurchases your unit with the first 12 months, your return is fixed at 16%. If the developer repurchases your unit at any point beyond the 12 month period, then they will pay an additional 4% every quarter within the maximum period of 3 years.

For example, if the developer buys back your unit after 15 months, you will get 20% total return on top of your initial investment.

A Secure And Guaranteed Investment With Controls In Place

One of the compelling aspects of this investment is the controls that are in place to protect the investor’s capital. Firstly, your funds go into escrow with a third-party asset trust company overseen by Assets Trust & Corporate Services Inc. Secondly, your capital is insured by a third party insurance company that has taken a bond against the land in case of non-payment. Essentially your investment funds are protected against anything unforeseen that can negatively impact the development.

Again this investment is limited as we only have a few units available so we encourage anyone who is interested to act now.

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