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Health Insurance Overseas For US$100 A Month Or Less...
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Dear Live and Invest Overseas Reader,

"What happens to my health insurance policy when I go overseas?"...

"What standard of health care can I expect in Latin America?"...

"How much will health insurance cost in another country?"...

"Am I too old to qualify for a new international insurance policy?"...

"If there's a public health system, would I qualify for its benefits?"...

"Is it really possible to enjoy free health care living overseas?"...

The answers to these and every other question you may have related to health insurance overseas vary depending on two things: the country (or countries) in which you're planning to spend time...and your own personal circumstances.

The good news is, you could buy all the health coverage you need overseas for as little as US$100 a month...maybe as little as US$50 a month...or you could forego the expense of insurance altogether by opting to "pay as you go" in a country where medical costs are so low (and standards so high) that taking out a health policy simply wouldn't make sense.

And, yes, under some circumstances, you could even enjoy free health care overseas.

Again, it comes down to who you are...and where you're going.

The challenge for you, as a future overseas retiree, is to find the right policy for you--a plan you're comfortable with, bearing in mind your current state of health, your age, your future needs, and, of course, your budget.

Having gone through three international moves--from the U.S. to Ireland to France to Panama--I can tell you that overseas health care is one of the most hard-to-research topics you'll address as you prepare for any international relocation of your own. One that's difficult to understand without knowledge of the global health insurance industry...not forgetting on-the-ground intelligence for the countries you have a special interest in.

Fortunately, in all these years of globetrotting, I've made reliable contacts in the health insurance industry...and my network of international friends and correspondents continues to grow. So, when I have an overseas health-related question, I know who to call.

Answers To All The International
Health Insurance Questions You Didn't Even Know To Ask...

Now you have a chance to tap into this special network of international health intelligence.

To help you sort out your overseas health coverage needs with minimum stress, our editors have created, after many months of research, a series of two special reports: "Top Health Insurance Options for the Retiree Abroad" and "Health and Medical Care in the World's Top 18 Overseas Retirement Havens."

This resource is now available in a greatly expanded, fully detailed, and completely current Third Edition.

I wish to congratulate you for the quality of your reports. The plain, matter of fact, but essential and wise information we all need to take vital decisions, especially in these extremely difficult times.

-- Peter L., United States

You'd be hard-pressed to research this information online or on your own. In preparing these two important reports, we made a list of every question we could think of related to international health coverage, then we put those questions to the top international health insurance experts we've found after 25 years covering this beat.

Those answers have been confirmed, compared, and compiled into this collection of two special reports. In these invaluable resources, hot off the virtual press this week in a greatly expanded and completely updated Third Edition, you'll learn:

  • The differences between public and private health care systems (would public care, often available at very little cost, even free, make sense for you in the country where you're considering retiring?)...
  • The fundamental decision you must make when planning for your medical care in a new country...
  • Your six options for medical insurance abroad (and the pluses and minuses of each)...
  • The points to consider to choose a policy that suits your specific needs...
  • Why you should never buy insurance online (at least not until you've confirmed the answer to this all-important question)...
  • What your health policy should cover...and what it likely won't...
  • How to choose among policy options...
  • How much deductible makes sense given where you'll be living and your personal health circumstances...
  • Cost details for sample insurance plans in 18 different overseas retirement havens...
  • What to do if you're over age 63 (the cut-off age for starting a plan in many countries)...
  • The best international health and travel insurance policies on the market today...
Your Guide To The Best Local
Health Care Choices In 18 Of The World's
Top Retirement Havens

Of course, your options for arranging health insurance in whatever new country of residence you choose--as detailed in our "Top Health Insurance Options for the Retiree Abroad"--are just one side of the story.

...I really have to commend you for your insight and honesty in 'telling it like it is' to your readers...

-- Norman S., United States

What about the in-country facilities in the place where you're considering spending time?

That important question is the reason we've created a second special report called "Health and Medical Care in the World's Top 18 Overseas Retirement Havens."

Here's an important thing to remember about your best options country by country: They change all the time. That's why we've just produced an all-new, greatly expanded, and completely updated Third Edition of this country-specific guide.

Frankly, the research for this country-by-country resource became a much bigger project than we expected it would be. Our goal in setting out to prepare this special report was to make it as straightforward as possible for you to compare your best options one country to another. We discovered, though, that, even with our in-country resources and contacts, this is not easily accomplished. It's no simple thing to compile consistent data.

Some countries offer a dozen or more local insurance options. Some offer a handful. The information available on the Internet is incomplete or out-of-date in most cases. This confusion is compounded by the fact that these are "local" operations, meaning the staff for any in-country insurance agency you might try to contact for more information in advance of your retirement move may or may not speak English and may not see your long-distance inquiry as a priority.

In other words, attempt this on your own, and you must prepare yourself for a challenging, frustrating, and lengthy experience.

The good news is that there's no reason for you to put yourself through all that. We've done all the hard work and have identified for you the best options country by country.

For each of the 18 featured countries, the hot-off-the-virtual-presses all-new Third Edition of this special report covers:

  • The standard of local medical care and availability of hospitals, clinics, etc. (This may affect which country you eventually choose...and even where you settle down within that country.)...
  • Private versus public system (if one exists)...
  • Top local health insurance policy options, based on recommendations from in-country correspondents...
  • Policy details, including what's covered at what cost, and recommended contacts...
  • What to do if you have pre-existing conditions...
  • What to do if you're older than the cut-off age for new policy-holders...
  • PLUS: Special featured coverage detailing Medicare and TRICARE options and benefits overseas...
  • AND: A timely special report on the discussions currently in process to make Medicare available in Mexico...

Together, these two reports are the most useful and valuable guide available anywhere to your top options for health care in the world's top retirement havens.

Bottom Line, Nobody's Moving Overseas Until They're Comfortable With The Quality And The Cost Of The Local Medical Care

Health care and health insurance...they're a key and critical part of any retire-overseas plan.

As you address these all-important issues, here are six Overseas Health Care Facts to keep in mind...


Local insurance costing as little as US$100 (or less) can be all the health coverage you need.

We're living now in Panama. In this country, a local health insurance policy can cost as little as US$100 a month or even less, and, again, it can be all the coverage you need.


In some countries, the best option can be no health insurance at all.

One option you might want to consider would be to go without insurance, period. This is a very personal choice. The most important thing is that you can sleep at night. If the thought of going naked, as it were, sounds horrifying...don't consider it. On the other hand, I know a number of expats who do just that. They spend their time in places where the cost of medical care is so low that they don't worry about insuring against it. India would be a good example.

What's more, in some countries, once you become a permanent legal resident, you're eligible for free health care. During our seven years living full-time in Ireland, for example, we enjoyed medical care at no cost, including the delivery of our son, Jackson.


Both health care and health insurance can be both higher quality and lower cost overseas.

This is not the case everywhere in every country, of course, which is why you need help researching the situation in the countries where you're considering spending time.


The time to act is now.

If you know your plan is to live or retire to another country at some point in the future, you would be wise to organize health insurance that will cover you in that country as soon as possible. Pre-existing conditions, yes, play a role in how insurable you are. But, when it comes to obtaining a policy as a foreign resident, more important than pre-existing conditions is your age. The longer you wait to apply, the more difficult it will be to qualify for coverage.

In other words, reading our "Top Health Insurance Options for the Retiree Abroad" special report today could save you a considerable amount of money...and hassle...down the line. In fact, it could mean the difference between being able to qualify for international coverage...and being told that, unfortunately, you've missed your window of opportunity to do that.


You have many, many good and affordable options. The challenge is to collect current and reliable information so you can choose among them.


If you're an American, be prepared for good news.

As an American abroad, you're going to find the cost of health insurance a bargain practically anywhere else you go.

Not so, necessarily, if you're an EU citizen or a Canadian. If you're accustomed to socialized or subsidized health insurance in the country where you're coming from, the issue is not as clear-cut. In some parts of the world, you may find health coverage other places, not so much.

We Americans, though, accustomed to health insurance that costs hundreds of dollars a month, are pleasantly surprised, even shocked, to discover that, in much of the rest of the world, health insurance needn't be a significant part of your monthly budget.

Thank you for the immediate info without all the bull.

-- Tom F., United States

The average American abroad is also delighted to find that, in many places around the world, he can see a doctor for US$20 or spend the day in a hospital emergency room, as I did last year in Panama (for the treatment of a nasty spider bite), for about US$70 (including lab work, injections, and the services of a knowledgeable, helpful, English-speaking physician).

It's for this reason that a high-deductible policy, like the one that Lief and I carry for our family, can make sense. We pay day-to-day health costs out of pocket and count on our high-deductible policy to cover us in the case of more extraordinary events.

What should you do? I can't make that important and personal decision for you. However, I can arm you with all the information and intelligence you need to make it wisely for yourself.

Everything you need to know is detailed in our two-volume special report kit on the "Top Health Insurance Options For The Retiree Abroad," available to you starting today in an all-new, just-published, fully expanded Third Edition.

You have a limited-time opportunity right now to purchase this New Edition of this important resource at the price of only US$55.99. The two-report collection will normally sell for US$89, meaning that, during this new-release window, you can buy for more than 35% off.

If you're considering a new life overseas, health insurance is one of the most important issues you must address. These are the tools you need to do that.

Available now--and for the next seven days only--for the special new-release price of only US$55.99.

Act now.


Kathleen Peddicord
Publisher, Live and Invest Overseas

What I admire is your honest, tell-it-like-it-is approach. A lot of people have been hurt by nothing but glowing reports about offshore living from various sources. I am sure that your honest, direct approach will be a real service. I don't know if you will sell as much stuff that way, but certainly will be doing a good work!

-- Arlean K., United States

P.S. Maybe you don't need to invest in health insurance at all when you move overseas. This is a very personal decision. But you want to make it after considering all your options. This just-updated collection of special reports can help you do that.

Right now, and for the next seven days only, this fully expanded and updated Third Edition is available for more than 35% off the regular price.

When it comes to overseas health insurance, your options are many, your decisions complicated. This is the tool you need to make the choice that's best for you. Secure it here now, in the fully expanded and updated Third Edition, for a limited time at the special discounted price.

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