Protect Your Wealth, And Still Earn A 399.21% ROI Investing in One Of The Most Consumed Fruits In The World

Yes, I would like to know more about this lucrative new hydroponics farm investment in Thailand!

There's going to be some fortunes made in agriculture.” – Jim Rogers

As the agricultural and food industries come under increasing pressure from a growing global population, decreasing arable land, labor shortages and climate change... Innovative solutions have become more urgent than ever—and more profitable.

Forget about buying large tracts of farmland (not that most of us can afford that anyway).

I have negotiated a way for you to get a foothold on an exciting new agri-project offering a projected 399.21% ROI. It’s from a proven developer with a solid track record... and it’s 100% turn-key.

Hydroponics—the method of growing plants using an alternative growing medium rather than the use of soil—has become one of the major scientific, economic and technological developments in the field of agriculture. 

Our developer is already leading the way, successfully selling out his hydroponic leafy green and tomato produce... and signing a contract with one of the largest distributors in the country.

The crop he has chosen for this next project is Japanese Melons, one of the most consumed fruit in the world, as demand continues to rise each year.

With this new investment opportunity, you get the triple benefitDemand that outstrips supply... the “hydroponics advantage”... and a developer with years of experience.

This is your chance to:

  • Earn yields of 16.3% annualized completely turn-key... over 20 years...

  • Low minimum investment of US$31,500...

  • Partner with an experienced and established farm operator in a market where the current demand for food exceeds supply...

  • Receive your initial cash returns in as little as 24 months...

  • Followed by annual revenue payouts...

  • It’s 100% turn-key, you buy a system on the farm and let the farm manager take care of the rest.

  • Safely diversify overseas...

  • You own the greenhouse... you can sell your system(s) to any third party as and when you wish...  

You can get in early with low pricing, but without the risks. Andrew has already proved he knows how to manage these farms, connect with buyers, and sell out every harvest.

If you are interested in earning an annual 16.37% IRR with hydroponics, please fill in your details below. There is no obligation, it’s just a way to make sure you have all the information on hand and don’t miss out.

Remember, this 16.37% IRR, means you get annual paychecks in the door over 20 years... Adding up in total, to a rewarding $125,752 in extra retirement funds for you.

This is safe and diversified investing at its best.

Yes, I would like to know more about this lucrative new hydroponics farm investment in Thailand!

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