Lief, Please Accept My Application To Become Part Of Your Exclusive



Attention—Important Note From Lief Simon: You are applying for the most intimate and comprehensive consulting service of its kind in the world. Only serious candidates need apply.

I’ll make no bones about it—this critical undertaking will require some investment of your time and money. The returns will be significant, paying dividends throughout the rest of your life and beyond.

For my part, I am pledging an investment of a significant amount of time and resources in you.

My mission is to help you develop an exceptional and fully customized international diversification plan that will stand the test of time in an ever-changing world. I will relentlessly track down solutions and open up my entire rolodex of global contacts to guarantee that we are able to work together to achieve all of your goals.

It is because of this level of intimacy and personalized service that I can accept only 10 people total into this program.

If you are serious about internationalizing your life and assets, and if you think this could be the right opportunity for you, I have only a few more requirements before you apply:

  • You must have a valid passport to come to Medellín, Colombia, Jan. 26–28, 2018, to meet with me and my collected team of top international experts and advisors. This face-to-face meeting will be the critical starting point for our work over the subsequent year… 
  • You must be available to join me at my home in Medellín for a cocktail party during one of the days of that weekend. For me to do the best job I can, we’ll need to become acquainted with each other…     
  • You must be open to travel throughout 2018. Part of the benefit package of this service is free attendance at all 10 Live and Invest Overseas conferences next year. Depending on your goals, this may not be a requirement, but I suggest you take advantage of the opportunity when possible…
  • You must have access to phone and/or email service. Not all of our work in 2018 can be accomplished in person. Each month we’ll be conducting phone or video calls to complete and commence various milestones toward achieving your goals. Email will be used extensively in the time between these calls…

Once again, participation here is strictly limited to 10 people.

If you are finally ready to develop the international diversification plan that you need, please begin the application process by clicking the button below.

In the event that all spots are filled, be sure to put your name on the waiting list using the form provided. If space becomes available due to cancellations, I’ll be accepting those at the top of this list.

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