3 Global Property Hot Spots Primed For High Returns

This Is About The Extraordinary Return, Plain And Simple

“It’s a magic spot,” Juan Darío said simply as he began his presentation to the group assembled for this week’s Global Property Summit in Panama City.

“A land that is fertile and rich and accessed via navigable rivers,” Juan Darío continued.

“A land that, as a result of the troubled history of my country, has remained completely secret. No one knows this place… not even my fellow Colombians…”

Juan Darío was describing the location in Colombia of his latest timber investment opportunity.

“This is a large region,” Juan Darío carried on to explain, “bigger than some countries.

“It is ideal for growing trees.

“And it is ridiculously cheap.

“What did you spend on dinner here in Panama City last night?” Juan Darío asked the room.

“I’d bet it was the equivalent of a couple of acres of this beautiful land.”

Colombia’s time has come. That’s why it’s one of the featured destinations at this week’s Global Property Summit. We’re showcasing at least six different opportunities for taking a position in this country, which we believe to be one of today’s top investment markets.

Property in Colombia remains seriously undervalued. This is a result of perceived risk.

“Perceived versus real risk,” Juan Darío began and then trailed off…

“Nobody knows more about the difference between perceived and real risk than we Colombians,” he continued somberly.

Colombia has turned the page on its troubled past, and the world is waking up to all that this country has to offer. Prices remain undervalued today… but this is changing.

Meantime, the U.S. dollar is at historic highs against the Colombian peso.

Talk about a right time to buy…

It’s the right time to buy in Portugal, too.

“The cost of living in the Algarve,” observed Luis da Silva, whose business is based in that region, “is less than half the cost of living in Panama City…”

A beautiful coastal region of Europe half as costly as a city in Central America?

As a full-time resident of Panama’s capital city for the last nine years… and a big fan of Portugal’s coast (where I invested in a rental property two years ago)… I can tell you that Luis’ observation is on the money.

If you’re shopping for a bargain rental investment or a sublimely affordable place to live or retire, the Algarve is calling your name.

That’s not to say that Panama City does not make sense for the property investor.

Au contraire.

Specifically, in Panama City we’re looking at opportunities to purchase pre-construction on this country’s Pacific coast.

“You’re buying a return, plain and simple,” explained Panama property expert Evie Brooks.

“And the return is head and shoulders above anything you’re getting elsewhere, I promise you,” Evie continued.

The pre-construction opportunities Evie detailed are located on Panama’s Gold Coast, including one property just 15 minutes outside Panama City, and can be purchased with just 10% down.

“This kind of built-in financing is unique,” Evie explained to the group.

“All of the opportunities I’m introducing to you,” Evie continued, “offer three other things of utmost importance to the property investor: existing equity, forced appreciation, and cash flow.”

Revealing opportunities for creating cash flow across markets and in different currencies is a key objective of this week’s program.

Tomorrow: Turnkey options for cash flow of as much as 22% per year… starting even in year one of your investment.

Kathleen Peddicord