8 Exclusive (And Affordable) Property Opportunities Earning Up To 18% Per Year

8 Exclusive Ways Real Estate Overseas Could Earn You As Much As 18% Per Year

For the past 22 years, I have spent the better part of each year reviewing real estate opportunities around the world, both on paper and, especially, on the ground. I’ve logged more than my share of air miles and have spent time in more than 75 countries.

As a result, I’ve been able to assemble an extensive network of colleagues and friends who create opportunities for individual investors looking to diversify into real estate overseas.

Once a year, I invite this entire team to get together with me for my Global Property Summit.

My 2018 Global Property Summit is taking place March 14–16, at one of my favorite oceanside resorts in Panama, just minutes from downtown Panama City.

Over the three days of the event, the dozens of global property pros assembled and I will showcase the best deals, the best properties, and the best returns available in the world right now… with many offers exclusive or premiering to those in the room.

Here is just a sampler of what we’re planning…

  • One developer from Belize will be offering one of the best financing deals for land you’ll find anywhere…  US$1,000 down and 0% interest payments of just $500 per month
  • We’ll debut a new agricultural opportunity in Europe. Conference attendees will be able to get in for as little as US$15,000 and be then positioned to earn projected annualized returns of 18% over 15 years
  • Those in the room will be first in line to reserve a pre-construction coastal condo on Portugal’s Algarve coast. This is an ideal opportunity to stake your claim in Portugal while positioning yourself for excellent cash flow and appreciation… Warning: Inventory is very limited, and the entire building is projected to sell out during the event…
  • You’ll have an opportunity to capitalize on the exploding demand in the world organics industry with an all-new, fully diversified offer starting at less than US$40k… this is another project premiering at the event…
  • My team will introduce you to beach townhouses starting at only US$99,000 in one of the world’s fastest-growing coastal areas… with projected net returns of 18% to 20%. Turnkey and financing options are available. This is an unheard-of price for this kind of a beachfront buy
  • Enjoy an IRR of 16% and more on an exclusive timber investment in the country that Jim Rogers calls “one of the phenomenal opportunities of our time“…
  • Take advantage of exclusive financing and booming demand for brand-new beach condos along a stunning Pacific coast… this is both an appreciation and a cash flow opportunity…
  • New, not available otherwise direct-with-the-developer opportunity to invest US$29,000 for a guaranteed return of 10% per year for up to three years… plus an additional 20% when the investment is closed

This is the most far-reaching, comprehensive, and profit-packed program we’ve put together in all the years I’ve been hosting events like this one. The opportunities that will be presented can expand your portfolio, your nest egg, and your quality of life. These are also deals you won’t find anywhere else.

Live and Invest Overseas has become the world leader in bringing the booming multibillion-dollar global property investment industry to small-time individual investors like you and me. Our team of global property pros, with, among them, decades of experience and impressive and extensive track records of success, are right now on the ground, around the world, scouting opportunity—in crisis markets, in recovering markets, in boom markets, even in markets previously off-limits to foreign investors.

March 14–16 they’ll all be here in Panama with me, both to detail the best current opportunities they’ve identified across the globe… and, as well and as important, to share strategies and specific tips for how to identify the right market for you, how to find the best property, how to buy securely, and how to have your purchase “pay its own way”… even earn you a profit.

Full details of the event my team and I have planned are available here.

Lief Simon

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