Brazil Beachfront Lots On This Coast Show Unheard Of Prices

Why I’m Buying On This Sandy Coast

I’ve identified a beachfront development in the making on Brazil’s northeastern coast that qualifies as a killer investment for many reasons… including the opportunity it presents to capitalize on today’s super-strong dollar versus the real.

I like this opportunity so much, I’m investing myself.

True beachfront lots are hard to come by in most of the world. When you can find them… I’m talking about sandy lots directly on the ocean… they are expensive.

Brazil has a long coast, parts of which are still developing, meaning the opportunity in places for true beachfront for a fraction the cost of true beachfront anywhere else in the world.

Rather than the seven-figure price tag of comparable lots in California or Florida or along Europe’s Mediterranean coast, these lots start at US$55,000.

As I said, this is a one-of-a-kind chance to buy one of the world’s most valued assets for a bargain-basement price. Inventory at the current pricing is limited. I’ve begun the paperwork for my purchase.

The project is located at Retirinho Beach in the state of Ceará. It’s just 15 minutes away from Canoa Quebrada, one of Brazil’s major tourist destinations, known for its beach resorts, world-class restaurants, and vibrant nightlife.

The developer’s vision is to create an eco-friendly beachfront community that integrates organically with the natural landscape and surrounding areas.

Residents will have direct access to miles of golden-sand beaches. In addition, the development will feature a heliport, an onsite convenience store and bakery, walking and running trails, a soccer field, a kid’s playground, and a covered social area for outdoor grilling with panoramic ocean views. Plus, residents will be able to enjoy a beach bar and restaurant along with a beachside cabana specifically for massages.

Moreover, the developer plans a landing area for fishermen’s boats, where local fishermen will be able to sell their daily catches to residents. Essentially, the development will have its own fish market.

The developer has structured the development in three phases expected to be completed within four years.

In Phase I, which consists of 50 prime beachfront lots, the developer is focused on road infrastructure, installing electricity to each lot, and the construction of planned amenities.

The focus in Phase II will be the development of a subdivision of 200 beachfront and ocean-view lots. Phase III will see the construction of an eco-friendly boutique hotel on the beach.

Already, Phase I roads are in place, and electricity is being installed. The beach bar and restaurant are in place and operational. The developer is now ready to release the 50 Phase I beachfront lots for sale.

These lots are big, ranging from 1,750 to 3,500 square meters (18,800 to 37,600 square feet). Each lot has 15 to 25 meters of ocean frontage and sits up on a short bluff overlooking the beach… important in the context of rising seas and coastal erosion.

The best part is the price. These Phase I beachfront lots are being launched and made available to Live and Invest Overseas readers starting at 197,718 Brazilian reals. At today’s exchange rate, that’s just US$55,000. Prices go up to 264,550 reals (US$75,500), depending on lot size.

A prime beachfront lot at these prices is unheard of today.

Not only that, should you choose to build a home on your lot you can take advantage of the reduced labor and materials costs, also thanks to the current exchange rate.

For example, at today’s exchange rates, you could build a 95-square-meter (1,022-square-foot) home with a swimming pool for US$45,000. Or you could build a 140-square-meter (1,500-square-foot) home with a swimming pool for US$65,000.

So, realistically, you could have a beachfront home with a pool in this serviced community for right around US$100,000.

In addition, the developer is offering Live and Invest Overseas readers exclusive financing options. The terms are 25% down with the balance to be paid in 30 monthly installments at 0% interest.

Or you can take advantage of a 10% discount the developer is offering for buyers who pay cash in full upfront.

I see this as an extraordinary opportunity to have a home of your own right on the beach on one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world… a perfect second home, holiday home, retirement residence, and also rental property.

I’m in.

If you’d like to join me, you can get in touch here for more information.

Lief Simon

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