End Of An Era: The Dollar’s Historic Run Is On Its Way Down

Your Dollar Discount Is Shrinking

I believe we are at the start of the end of the U.S. dollar’s extraordinary bull run.

The huge “Dollar Discount” we’ve enjoyed abroad for the past four years—thanks to historically favorable exchange rates—is about to expire.

As an active global property investor, I see this as an urgent call to action.

I’ve made some of the best investments of my career over the past four years. Each one has been another chance to capitalize on the currency advantages the soaring U.S. dollar has been handing us dollar investors.

Now I’m working quickly to make additional acquisitions in key markets of opportunity because I believe the days of our dollar advantage are numbered.

I have identified five markets in particular where the dollar investor can buy right now for discounts of as much as 38.9%…

But these discounts are already shrinking.

This is your window to act… this is your chance to profit big.

It is in this context that I have just finalized the program for my Global Property Summit taking place in Panama City March 20–22.

This is your best opportunity to take advantage of the closing window on our Golden Age of Global Property Investing with the help and support of investors with decades of international experience.

We’ve put together a curriculum that includes an education for both new and veteran international property investors, including fundamentals, market overviews and updates, Q&A panels, and more.

Plus, we’ll be showcasing fully vetted opportunities at all price points, including offers that are available only during the event… including:

  • (Exclusive) Claim your own condo right on a pristine, white-sand beach in this top coastal market starting at only US$79,000… this doubles as both a value and a path-of-progress appreciation play…
  • (Exclusive) Claim your private, self-sustainable community lot in the heart of this beautiful country for only US$1,000 down… with interest-free payments of just US$500…
  • (Exclusive) Invest in tropical farming with as little as US$45,000 to guarantee retirement income of more than US$10,000 a year for at least 15 years… and possibly 60 years and beyond…
  • Lock down a Pacific beachside condo in an established coastal community for less than US$100,000… this is an ideal opportunity for a beach home or a rental investment…
  • (Exclusive) Enjoy an IRR of 16% or more on an exclusive timber investment in the country that Jim Rogers calls “one of the phenomenal opportunities of our time”…
  • (Exclusive) Learn how to capitalize on the latest farming technology to gain turnkey, annualized returns of nearly 15% a year for 20 years… remarkably, payouts start in the first year of your investment…
  • Generate reliable annual cash flows of 12%… 18%… even 24% per year or more from assets steadily appreciating in value at the same time…

These are opportunities that can expand your portfolio, your nest egg, and your quality of life…

And they are just a small sample of what we’ll be featuring and highlighting during my March event.

My entire far-flung global property investing team, more than four-dozen global property pros, will be on hand to answer every personal question you have and to make sure you get the maximum value out of every minute of this intensive and highly interactive program.

This is the only event of its kind, and the timing couldn’t be better.

Again, I believe we are at the start of the end of our current Golden Age of Property Investing. Already, our current dollar advantage is shrinking in key markets of opportunity.

If you’ve been watching from the sidelines, waiting to pull the trigger on your first (or your next) property purchase overseas, right now is the time to act.

I hope to meet you in Panama City in March to discuss your best current opportunities in detail.

Lief Simon