Global Property Summit Brings Property Investing Experts To Panama

The World’s Top Property Investment Opportunities All In One Room This Week

Panama City, Panama

More than three-dozen real estate investment pros from around the world are convening in Panama starting today with a shared objective:

To help Lief Simon and our Panama City-based team discuss, dissect, evaluate, and vet the world’s best options for buying, owning, and profiting from real estate right now.

A freefalling euro, a strong dollar, expanding middle classes in some markets, and windows of crisis opportunity in others make this the best time in more than a decade to diversify into foreign real estate.

The timing for this week’s Global Property Summit couldn’t be better.

Over three days, starting Wednesday morning, Lief and company will showcase more than 20 current investment opportunities worldwide while also providing the education, training, background, perspective, and judgment required to make a successful property purchase in another country.

The program has been conceived around a series of five panel discussions that will address the fundamentals of diversifying into foreign property markets, drawing on the experience of the dozens of successful property investors who’ll be sharing the stage.

I’ll be moderating the discussions and pushing for lively debate. Where are the best markets for 2015? Which markets should be avoided? Where have our experts made their best investments… and which buys have been their biggest failures?

Lief and co-host Lee Harrison will present model portfolios, each his own, and then disclose where he is investing personally this year. We’ll also look at the practical aspects that are the difference between building a profitable and cash-flowing portfolio… and losing your shirt and maybe your sanity. Things like how to take title (considering the pluses and minuses of different structures strategies), how to purchase overseas using your IRA or other retirement funds, how to manage tax obligations in your home country and in the countries where you invest, how to find a good rental property manager, how to wire money in this post-FATCA age, where and how to find financing, and how to prepare a round-trip costs budget to make sure your ROI plays out as expected.

Yield opportunities will be one focus, agriculture another, and our invited guests will be presenting details on turn-key investments in each case, some that can be acted on with modest amounts of capital, as little as US$15,200.

To help us properly represent the enormous opportunity that exists right now to make money from agriculture and productive land, we’ve invited two special guests—Mark Hill, the director of the organic division of Baldor Specialty Foods, and Greg Holzman, the founder of Pacific Organic Produce, which he has built into the largest organic tree fruit marketer in the United States, operating today as part of United Natural Foods Inc., a US$5.4 billion company. Mark and Greg will speak to product undersupply in the United States and elsewhere, highlighting specific pockets of fast-growing opportunity for investors.

Factors to consider when targeting a market for investment include the strength of the local economy, the rate of foreign investment, the diversity of the pool of buyers for eventual resale, the opportunity for rental yield, recent and planned infrastructure improvements, and, of course, price.

Our panelists and experts will speak to all of these factors and connect the dots among the world’s top markets of opportunity right now, including the most undervalued.

We’ve limited attendance at this week’s event to 100 to be sure that investors have full access to speakers and experts. This will be a high-octane, fast-moving event. If you aren’t among the 100 who’ll be joining us in the room, don’t worry. You still can access all of the opportunities and recommendations that will be discussed. We’ll be recording every presentation, including the five panel discussions and the 20 specific property investment opportunities.

This bundle of uber-timely resources will be available as soon as we can finish editing the recordings. Right now, you can reserve your copy, pre-release, for 60% off the postproduction price.

If you’re interested in buying, owning, or profiting from real estate overseas, I strongly recommend you take advantage of this limited-time opportunity.

You can read more about the program we’ve put together for this one-of-a-kind real estate investment event here.

And you can reserve your copy of the live recordings, at the 60% off pre-release discount, here.

Kathleen Peddicord

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