Los Islotes and Mango Village

Own In This Premier Pacific Beach Community For As Little As US$17,500

Full disclosure: This is a personal offer.

I’ve told you about my current occupation in Panama. With the help of two partners, I’m developing 300 hectares (750 acres) of coastal property in the Veraguas Province of Panama, on the western coast of the Azuero Peninsula. The community is called “Los Islotes” (named for the three small islands just offshore).

For the past several months, my partners and I have worked to design a new section of home lots at Los Islotes, intended for a small budget.

This new “Mango Village” is a neighborhood of 32 smaller lots ranging from 410 square meters to just over 1,000 square meters. Prices start as low as US$17,500, and most lots are priced below US$40,000. As I said, this new neighborhood of the Los Islotes community is for someone looking for an opportunity to have a bungalow close to the beach, with all services and amenities, for a small price.

The lots are zoned for lot line construction, and, thanks to the flat terrain, house construction will be simplified and construction costs will be very controlled.

This neighborhood doesn’t come with an ocean view, but we’ve addressed that by planning for a special Mango Village clubhouse and pool, which will have views of both the estuary and the ocean. And, of course, as an owner at Mango Village, you can always walk down to the beach to watch the sunset over the ocean.

In fact, you can make use of any and all amenities throughout the entire property. Mango Village owners, like all owners, have full access.

Our new Mango Village is close enough to the town center so that you’ll be able to walk to the central square, the shops, the restaurants, the church, etc. In addition, Mango Village features a park area as well as direct estuary access for kayak launching, for example.

We’re finalizing the lot plan as you read this. We can’t sell these lots until this has been finalized and approved, of course. In the meantime, we’re creating a priority list for these Mango Village lots.

We’ve had a tremendous demand for a lower-priced option for becoming part of the Los Islotes community. That’s why we’ve conceived this new neighborhood. The limited number of lots we’re making available at these prices will go fast. Already, as of this writing, seven of these lots have been reserved, with no marketing.

You can secure your selection with a US$500 refundable deposit. When the lots are released, the priority list will have first option. If you change your mind for any reason, your US$500 deposit will be returned.

This is a unique chance (that we may not be able to repeat) to become part of the premier residential community being developed on this prime stretch of Panama’s Pacific coast for a very small price. Again, your Mango Village ownership means full access to all Los Islotes amenities and services.

You can get in touch for more information here.

Lief Simon

Mango Village is a chance to own in a private, full-amenity, master-planned retirement community on the Pacific Ocean for as little as US$17,000.

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