Pacific Coast Retirement Dream

The Ultimate Pacific Coast Retirement Dream–Starting At US$69,000

Coastal living comes in many varieties, but perhaps the most common dream of a life on the water involves the rugged and hilly California coast. One reason is the views. Sitting high up on a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean, catching a breeze while sipping a cocktail and relaxing on your terrace, with the surf crashing beneath your feet…for many, that’s the ultimate retirement dream.

The trouble is that, while this is perhaps the variety of waterfront life most often dreamt about…it’s also the most costly (in large part because it is so in demand).

If the Pacific Coast is the backdrop you seek for the retirement of your dreams, I suggest you focus your search not on the coast of California…but somewhere a bit farther south, where you still can afford the view.

Much of the Pacific coast of Mexico is comparable to the coast of California in terms of natural beauty and terrain. The difference is to do with infrastructure and amenities. Few spots along Mexico’s Pacific coast are anywhere near as developed or, therefore, as comfortable as most of the California coast.

One important exception is Puerto Vallarta and, to the north, Nuevo Vallarta.

Even in Puerto Vallarta proper, prices in high-end neighborhoods close to the marinas and golf courses are going to be less than in comparable locations along California’s coast. However, for the best bargains, you need to look beyond central PV and at the edge of progress…north.

Fonatur, the Mexican government’s tourism investment arm that helped to create Los Cabos and Cancun, has more recently been focused on the Riviera Nayarit, investing in and incentivizing new infrastructure, hotels, and other tourism-related businesses. As Fonatur’s efforts progress, so does the area they are focused on (in this case, the Riviera Nayarit)…resulting, usually sooner rather than later, in escalating property prices. Get in early in a region where Fonatur is focused, and, as an investor, you can see nice appreciation.

Or, if your agenda is not investment but retirement, you could acquire the Pacific coastal retirement home of your dreams for a bargain price, certainly compared with the cost of something comparable in California.

One very appealing current opportunity for this is to be found in a development community called Vista Encantada that sits about an hour from the infrastructure and amenities of Nuevo Vallarta–the marinas, the golf courses, the shopping, the restaurants…

Vista Encantada is a small Pacific ocean-view community in the middle of the Riviera Nayarit path of progress and only a few minutes from the nearest beach. Fonatur’s efforts are evident just down the road, meaning infrastructure improvements and more amenities in progress.

The location of Vista Encantada is ideal if you like the idea of being able to enjoy all that Puerto Vallarta has to offer but don’t want to be smack dab in the middle of the tourist trade this town sees. At home at Vista Encantada you could enjoy quiet sunsets at the property’s waterfall, daily walks down to the beach, and golf on their private 3-hole course…all while being within an hour of developed services and nightlife.

Puerto Vallarta and environs is our top pick for what we refer to as affordable luxury living on the Pacific coast. And Vista Encantada is one of the most appealing and most affordable options I’ve found for establishing a retirement base here, either full- or part-time.

Current lot prices start at US$69,000, and, in the current pre-construction stage, you can buy a one-bedroom apartment for just US$119,000.

I have to say that I am most impressed with Vista Encantada, both the product and the pricing. For more information, you can get in touch here.

Lief Simon

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