Real Estate On The Dominican Republic’s Samana Peninsula

Real Estate On The Dominican Republic’s Samana Peninsula

“Real estate in the Dominican Republic continues to be some of the most affordable in the Caribbean,” writes Editor Rebecca Tyre, just back from a DR scouting trip.

“Of course you can find multi-million-dollar properties, but you can also find small lots and beachfront condos for very reasonable prices…say US$150,000 and less.

“My favorite destination in this country is the Samana Peninsula on the northeast coast. The peninsula is breathtakingly beautiful. Plus, it’s home to thousands of expats, meaning there’s an established community for you to settle into.

“Thousands of expats on shore…and, in the water off the coast here, thousands of breeding humpback whales. Very cool.

“French and Italians began settling in the Samana peninsula nearly 30 years ago. They’ve created a home away from home for themselves. French and Italian labels line the shelves of the expat-run specialty grocery stores, and signs for businesses are in English, French, Italian, and Spanish. Foreigners do not get curious looks, because there are so many of them. The locals have enjoyed friendly relations with these settlers for decades.

“The Samana peninsula is a little off the beaten path. You have to fly from the capital of Santo Domingo or drive the newly completed toll road, which takes about two hours. I made the drive, which is spectacular, winding though Los Haitises National Park.

“In the beachside town of Las Terenas, you can own a one-bedroom apartment in a two-unit house within a few minutes of the beach for about US$130,000. Walk out the front door of your new home to the large pool and common gardens the houses share. When you’re away, rent the place out…

“Also in the US$130,000 range is a two-bedroom detached home surrounded by rolling green hills. This custom-built house is just a five-minute walk from one of the most picturesque beaches in the country. The yard is fenced, with a garden, and the place comes with a generator.

“Again, this’d make an ideal rental investment.”

Rebecca will be sharing more discoveries and recommendations from her recent DR travels during our How To Retire Overseas Conference starting tomorrow. I’ll report back. Watch this space.

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