Recession Property Bargains In Ireland

Recession Property Bargains In Ireland

Overseas Retirement Letter Editor-in-Chief Lynn Mulvihill has me thinking about hopping on a plane to fly over to visit her in her native Waterford, Ireland. As she’s reporting, it seems like a good time to do a little shopping in this part of the world:

“We went yesterday to see that cottage on the coast I’ve been telling you about,” Lynn writes this morning. “I’m not going to give you details on the whereabouts, because I don’t want you telling your readers. I don’t want anyone bidding against me.

“The property is everything we hoped it would be. It’s a lovely renovated cottage on a nice piece of land.

“Remember, it came on the market about a year ago for 350,000 euro or so. The agent indicated that the owner would likely take less than 200,000 euro for it today. Someone has made an offer of 160,000 euro. I doubt that will be accepted, but, these days, you can’t be sure. Almost anything goes.

“Anyway, I’m hoping the sellers don’t take the offer on the table, because, then, we’ll make an offer ourselves.

“I’d say this is a good example of where the market is in this country in general right now.”

Time to take a fresh look at the Emerald Isle. Lynn is working on a full report for Overseas Retirement Letter subscribers.

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