Reserva Da Praia, Brazil: Premium Beach Lots Starting at 49k

Prime Lot On This Glorious Brazilian Beach For Just US$49,000

Since January, we’ve been recommending the Reserva da Praia beachfront lots, located on the northeastern coast of Brazil, to investors looking for a low-cost, buy-and-hold appreciation deal that adds levels of diversification to your portfolio while earning you double-digit yields.

The capital appreciation upside along this coast is strong. Significant growth is taking place, in part because of the state’s initiative to develop this region for tourism.

A new airport has been built in the area, and work has begun on the expansion and renovation of the main state highway to improve access for domestic tourists, who account for 60 million of the region’s annual visitors.

Plus, a major hotel chain has committed to building three new luxury resort hotel properties in the area.

Considering the strength of the U.S. dollar against the Brazilian real at the moment, you could double or triple the value of your investment from a simple change in currency alone.

The longer you wait to pull the trigger, the higher the risk you run of missing out on some huge ROI potential.

When we first introduced these lots, the Brazilian real was trading at 4.02 against the dollar. As I write, the real is trading at 3.36 against the dollar.

When we first presented this opportunity, the developer was offering 51 prime oceanfront lots ranging in size from 2,050 to 3,500 square meters with 13 to 25 meters of ocean frontage apiece starting at US$49,000.

In October, I sent an alert to my Global Property Advisor (GPA) members informing them that only 15 of the 51 lots remained, including 3 lots priced at US$49,000.

This week I wrote to my GPA members to say that the developer has informed me that only 10 lots remain—with only 1 lot available at the starting price of US$49,000.

To boot, the developer is offering exclusive lot financing to Live and Invest Overseas readers. The terms are 25% down, with the balance to be paid in 30 monthly installments at 0% interest.

For buyers who can pay cash in full upfront, the developer is offering a 10% discount—meaning the lot price comes down to US$44,100.

Further, with Phase I infrastructure now in place, including roads and electricity installed to each lot, the prices are going up. Lot prices are scheduled to be increased as of Jan. 1, meaning you have a short window to reserve a lot at current prices.

Again, this investment is ideal for an investor looking for a low-cost, hassle-free way to add several levels of diversification to his investment portfolio with the strong possibility to earn double-digit returns.

Keep in mind that inventory is limited—only 10 lots remain, 1 at the US$49k price—and given the level of interest over the past couple of weeks, we don’t expect the remaining inventory to last long.

To ask a question, get an information package, or make a reservation, get in touch here.

Omar Best
Editor, Global Property Advisor

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