Riverfront Real Estate In Belize

Counter-Largesse In Belize…Where You Can Own Riverfront For US$31,500

Friend and developer in Belize Phil Hahn wrote this morning to report that he has received the environmental permits for his latest project in this country, Carmelita Gardens. This is an important milestone for Phil that creates an opportunity for you.

Phil now can proceed with his plans to build 18 cottages on the river, the start of his Carmelita Gardens community. In addition, there will be a pool, a café, and a property management office. With these services in place, cottage owners will have an easy outlet for renting their places when they aren’t using them.

I’m a big fan of Belize and was sold on Phil’s Carmelita community from the first time I saw the property. This is Belize at its best. And you have the chance now to become a part of it at the earliest stage (meaning the best pricing).

Lots are priced at US$35,000, but Phil is offering Live and Invest Overseas readers a 10% discount until his house plans are completed.

That means you could buy your riverfront lot at Carmelita Gardens today for just US$31,500.

In addition, if you start building within one year, Phil will give you another 10% credit on the lot price toward your construction costs. He’s doing this to stimulate early construction, which he knows brings big dividends as the project matures.

The Carmelita property is bordered by a river and a nature-lover’s delight. This is lush hill country, where you spend your time on horseback, on the river, hiking the hills, exploring the rain forest, and discovering the caves and the Mayan ruins.

As Phil explains, “This is counter-largesse.” Just what the doctor ordered these days.

At Carmelita, residents will grow their own food (if they want) and power their houses with solar energy. Most important, they’ll become part of a like-minded community of others interested in sharing the same lifestyle.

The philosophy at Carmelita is simple. As Phil explains, “We’re providing an affordable place for people to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. And we’re launching this new opportunity at a time when these back-to-basics values have more resonance than they have had in decades.”

The Carmelita property, located in Cayo, 15 minutes from San Ignacio, is positioned between the Belize River (with more than a mile of river frontage) and the local road (meaning access is easy and already in place).

The big-picture development plan is for sustainability…not eco for the sake of eco, but sustainable for the freedom that brings. At first, the concept sounded a little over the top to me. However, after visiting Carmelita and understanding Phil’s vision better, it all made sense…especially given the fact that the development is located in Belize.

Personal independence is a critical part of the history of Belize. This country was founded by pirates, and it continues to embrace a freedom-loving approach to life and government. Bottom line, Belizeans don’t like government. They don’t like anyone interfering in their affairs. What they do like is minding their own business and living independently. These qualities are perhaps unexpectedly combined with a warm and welcoming hospitality.

Phil has been inspired by all this to design a community where, as he says, “People can be independent together.”

With more and more people looking to escape government control and intervention and to find options for living more independently, the timing for a community like Carmelita is perfect. And, again, Belize is an ideal choice if you’re looking for a place to take control of your life.

The location of the property in general is also great. Carmelita is close enough to San Ignacio, the main town in Cayo, to make shopping for supplies and running into town for dinner or to meet friends easy but far enough away to allow for a feeling of real country escape.

Yes, I would buy here, for retirement, for a second home, for escape, for a new life.

At this presale pricing, indeed, I may.

More information here.

Kathleen Peddicord