Today’s Top 7 Property Investments… All Under $50K

7 Property Investments Under $50K To Buy Now

Thinking about dipping a toe into global property markets but wondering how and where to get started?

The benefits of owning property overseas are enormous. This is real diversification into real assets, the surest, safest, smartest way to both build and protect wealth.

In addition, right now, some of the world’s most advantaged places to invest in real estate are more affordable than they’ve been in decades thanks to a strong U.S. dollar.

Still, if you’re looking at making a first-time buy, you can, understandably, feel a little uncertain.

Best idea can be to start small.

At my Global Property Summit taking place in Panama City, Panama, my team and I will introduce you to at least 12 property investments for US$50,000 or less to make now… including:

For Rental Income

Investment #1: US$25,000

This turnkey, short-term rental investment opportunity in Colombia offers rental cash flow without a huge capital investment—the buy-in is only US$25,000—plus capital appreciation.

This investment also qualifies you for a Colombian visa.

Investment #2: US$13,700

This five-star vacation property being developed on the coast of Greece allows fractional ownership for as little as 11,000 pounds. As of this writing, that works out to an investment of only about US$13,700.

Once the resort is complete and operational, unit owners will receive a 50% share of net room revenue. In the meantime, for the first two years of ownership from the start of construction, investors will receive a fixed annual return of 10% (paid quarterly).

Investment #3: US$24,900

This all-inclusive resort is being developed in Cape Verde, where increased tourist demand and special tax incentives have motivated several international real estate developers and hotel chains to plant flags.

The resort we’ll feature during my Global Property Summit in March is being developed on the western coast of the island. You can participate with fractional ownership starting at 20,000 pounds (US$24,900). Your fractional ownership unit will be placed in the hotel-management program administered by Meliá Hotels International, the world’s largest operator of resort-based hotels.

Investors receive guaranteed annual returns of 7% per year throughout the construction period (up to three years). Once the resort is complete and operational, investors receive a guaranteed minimum net return of 5% per year, or a 50% share of the net room revenue, whichever is greater, for a minimum of 15 years.

Development Lots And Land

Investment #4: US$28,000

All of the remaining developer lots within this master-planned resort community on Brazil’s northeast coast have been sold out. However, an investor group that secured a block of 20 lots within the project in its pre-launch phase is putting their lots back on the market for sale exclusively to attendees at my Global Property Summit.

Each of these lots is individually titled and easily transferable into your name upon purchase. Pricing starts at US$28,000.

Investment #5: US$49,000

This beachfront project is also located on the northeastern coast of Brazil 15 minutes from one of Brazil’s biggest tourist destinations, known for its beach resorts, world-class restaurants, and vibrant nightlife.

The developer’s vision is to create an eco-friendly beachfront community that integrates organically with the natural landscape and surrounding areas. Residents will have direct access to miles of golden-sand beaches.

At my March Global Property Summit, the developer will be offering attendees the chance to purchase a white-sand lot with ocean frontage for as little as US$49,000.

Agriculture And Productive Land

Investment #6: US$31,000

With aquaponics farming, production cycles are weeks rather than years, meaning that cash flow begins far sooner than for any land-based farm operation.

Lettuce grown within an aquaponics system can be harvested every 25 days versus 45 to 100 days using traditional farming methods.

Aside from growing produce, vegetables, and herbs, the system also produces fish (harvests are twice per year).

If this type of play sounds appealing, you’ve got an opportunity to own a fully operational aquaponics system based in Thailand. The system includes 1,080 grow holes, a 3,500-liter fiberglass fish tank, a biofiltration system, and a nutrient tank. The purchase price is US$31,000, which includes delivery and set-up costs along with access to the onsite infrastructure.

Once you own the system, you can then partner with the farm management company to grow your produce and your fish and then sell harvests to the local Thai market. Thailand has a population of more than 67 million. Traditional growing methods aren’t able to keep up with the demand for food.

In this case, however, the Thai market is only the beginning. Thailand is centrally located in Southeast Asia, meaning export opportunities to markets including Singapore and China, where food production is also unable to keep up with demand.

The projected annual yields on initial purchase price range from 10.49% in year one to 35% by year 20. Investors can expect their first cash payout nine months from the month of their initial investment with payouts every six months thereafter.

Investment #7: US$15,700

This teak plantation in the Darién Province of Panama will be ready for harvest in about eight years. It’s a fully turnkey investment; the plantation manager will oversee the land, maintain the trees, manage the harvest, and organize the sale of the trees.

You can purchase 1,000 square meters (about a quarter-acre) of planted teak for just US$15,700. Your land will be titled in your own name. The projected annualized returns for the teak, once harvested, are between 8.79% and 10.94%.

This investment also qualifies you for Panamanian residency (additional fees apply).

Lief Simon

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