Your Own Slice Of A Caribbean Getaway For US$60,000

Your Own Piece Of The Caribbean For US$60,000

I’m filing this report from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, where we’ve just concluded our first-ever Live and Invest in the Dominican Republic Conference.

Time is tight, as I’m scheduled for one more property scouting trip this afternoon before my return flight to Panama City. However, I want to let you know about one real estate opportunity in particular that was shared with attendees at this week’s event. This is one of the most exciting properties I’ve seen here in the DR or, frankly, in any beach setting.

This is a chance to own a Caribbean Sea-view lot for as little as US$60,000.

The development, which was presented privately to our conference attendees this week, is about 2 miles outside Las Terrenas. The sea views are postcard-worthy from all angles on the property. Plus, this community, because it’s slightly outside town, is private, exclusive.

The infrastructure is in. As the developer explained to the group this week, he held off selling until, as he put it, he “had something legitimate to offer.” Roads, electricity, water, common areas, swimming pools, and other amenities are in place. A golf course is under construction.

This is a high-quality development. You see this immediately. The quality of construction is higher than elsewhere in the area. Kitchens are made in Italy, for example.

Even if this weren’t such a high-end offering, the price would be attention-grabbing… but, given the quality of what’s being created here, the price is almost too good to be true.

The developer behind this community is an expat who has been living and working in the Dominican Republic for 15 years.

I can tell you that this offer got a great deal of attention during this week’s conference. I know that many attendees are following up.

As remaining inventory is limited, the developer has asked that we not reveal the details to our entire readership. Conference attendees will have first preference in purchasing. In addition, though, the developer did agree to allow us to record his presentation and to include it as part of our new Live and Invest in the Dominican Republic Conference Kit. This recording (along with all others from the event) is being edited now.

We will get the recording to you with all the details of this unique offer as soon as we can.

Got to run. More on what was discussed and presented this week when I’m back in the office in Panama.

Lief Simon
Reporting live from the scene in Santo Domingo

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