Colombian Residency

The World’s Best And Easiest Place To Become Resident?

Foreign investment in Colombia has increased six-fold in the past three years, the number of tourists to the country is four times greater today than it was in 2002, there are 30% more flights from the United States to Colombia now than just a few years ago, and the country’s GDP has expanded 190% in 12 years.

Macro-economically speaking, Colombia is an increasingly credible choice. Security conditions in this country have changed vastly in the past decade, especially in Medellin, and the world is discovering us…but slowly. Colombia is well located geographically, bordering two oceans and boasting the greatest biodiversity per square kilometer of any country in the world. Given both what the country has to offer and also how the country is perceived on the global stage, this is a very appealing place both to spend time and to invest your money right now.

Colombia offers 17 residency visas in total, meaning many options for investors and retirees. As long as you meet the visa requirements and comply with the visa terms for whichever visa program you choose to pursue, you will likely be accepted and renewed indefinitely as a Colombian resident. We want you.

You probably can visit as a tourist without a visa. Citizens of most countries (India and China are the notable exceptions) do not need a visa to travel to Colombia for up to 180 days per calendar year.

If you’d like to remain in the country longer than 180 days per calendar year, again, we want to help you figure out how to do that. We offer business, temporal, and resident visa options. Our investment visa option has the lowest cost of any investment visa option anywhere, and attorney and residency fees in Colombia in general are cheaper than those in Panama. At the time of this writing, the minimum pension income requirement to qualify for our retiree visa is but 2,213,151 Colombian pesos per month (the exchange rate moves frequently, so it’s tough to give an absolute figure in dollar terms, but this has been as low as US$730, again, depending on the rate of exchange).

Juan Dario Gutierrez

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