How To Become A Pensionado Resident In Panama

“Is the US$1,000 per month pension income requirement to qualify for Panama’s pensionado visa per person or per couple making the application?”

— An attendee at the Live & Invest In Panama Conference this morning

Panama attorney Rainelda Mata-Kelly, addressing the group, replied:

“The US$1,000 requirement is per couple.

“Furthermore, you can use two or more separate pensions to add up to the US$1,000 minimum. The husband can have two pensions that add up to US$1,000…or the husband can have one for US$500, for example, and the wife one of her own for, again, at least US$500.

“If, though, the husband has a pension of at least US$1,000…and the wife has her own pension of at least US$1,000…then I suggest that the two apply for individual pensionado residency status. In the long run, this approach can have its advantages.”

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