Panama Residency Through An Investment In Reforestation

“Kathleen, I am still in Panama,” writes Serge B., who attended our conference in Panama City last week, “in a small hotel called Casa Margarita in Pedasi. Beautiful, renovated place in this little town.

“I write, though, to tell you about my Monday visit with Robert Kroesen from United Nature.

“I have to say ‘chapeau’ to this guy who has invested so much in this project of teak reforestation.

“On the drive out to the Darien from Panama City, Robert told me the history of his teak adventure. When we arrived, he and his forest engineer took me on a four-hour tour of the plantation in a quad and a four-wheel-drive pick-up truck. This is an experience I will never forget.

“If you decide to invest in a reforestation visa application, then you want to know where your money is going. You want to know who you’re counting on for your investment. After spending the day with him, I am convinced I will proceed with Robert. He took me to visit two different teak plantations (with trees planted from 1995 to 2008) and also to see the Indian village where his company is involved with social projects (it was like doing a small trip in a cayuco on the Amazon’s River). Wonderful day…

“The visa program offered by Robert is the perfect instrument to become a Panama resident and to participate in a ‘green project,’ at the same time.”

I second Serge’s endorsement. Lief and I, like Serge, considered all our options for obtaining foreign residency in Panama as we prepared to move here last year. We chose the reforestation visa…and we chose to make the investment through Robert’s United Nature program. We’ve got our visas…plus now we own 1.3 hectares planted with maturing teak trees that Robert and his crew tend for us.

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