A Week In Corozal, Belize: Life At A Heavenly Pace

Marie’s New Life In Belize

On Monday I am awakened by the soft chirps of a friendly bird that seems to sing “good morning” just for me.

And what a good morning it is—as is just about every morning in Belize

The sun shines in a beautiful blue sky as bright white puffs of cloud scoot past lazily, and the azure Caribbean waters around my house twinkle and sparkle like a blanket of diamonds. I am dazzled every day by my grand awakening… even after living here and enjoying it for more than a year.

Out my bedroom window, I see palm trees swaying on the manicured lot below, coconuts scattered about. No way can I close my eyes again now… Belize is calling!

After a restful night enjoying the sea breeze through my open windows, I am eager to see how this new day in Corozal will unfold.

First, errands and chores. Then I stroll over to the seawall across the road and catch up on some writing. This spot is my creative meditation space; each new wave seems to deliver a fresh batch of words as it crashes onshore.

I wander up the road and spend a few minutes chatting with neighbors out walking their four-legged family members. Then off to dinner and another restful night.

On Tuesday I hear my chirpy wake-up call again… but I might ignore it today if the night slipped by too fast.

When I do rise, I sort out any dirty clothes to send off with the pick-up service that will come by to take them to the great laundress I found in town. By the afternoon they will have been sent back to my house, all nice and clean, fluffed and folded.

Next, time for a Skype back home to touch base with kids and grandkids.

Wednesday sees rain, I am awakened by a light patter of raindrops rather than my feathered friend. The gray sky doesn’t last long, though. By mid-morning all is clear again.

I set out to attend the weekly business meeting of the Rotary Club, one of my favorite places to mix and mingle with achievement-oriented neighbors in the Corozal community. My friends at the meeting and I are pleased with the reports of the successful delivery of computers to schools, the upgrading of restroom facilities in the villages, and the donation of wheelchairs to those in need around our adopted home town.

Thursday is a travel day. I plan to take the 9-mile trip up the road and across the border to the city of Chetumal, Mexico. This is much more of a real city than anywhere in northern Belize. Chetumal has malls just like those where I shopped in the States, and the great bargains make it easy to stock up on everything I need.

I enjoy everything about these excursions, even the brief greetings at immigration stops. There are always people coming and going from this bustling commercial city, which is well-known as a shopping stop for those just across the border in Belize.

This is also my monthly chance for my big Chetumal splurge: a Burger King cheeseburger with fries and a strawberry milkshake. There are no franchises in Belize, so this is my one chance for a fast-food fix before heading back home (where my diet is much healthier!).

Returning home I relax in the pool across the road from my apartment. All my cares sink to the bottom as I float, thinking about how much I love this place called Corozal.

On Friday, shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables from the local markets takes up my morning. I make this weekly trip on Fridays to give my housekeeper some space to go about her duties. I take my time exploring what the vendors in town have to sell. As I stroll about town, I catch up with neighbors in Corozal’s little park. By the time I return home, I can smell the light, refreshing scent of cleaning products and enjoy the tidied up organization.

Saturdays are lazy mornings; I need to rest up for all the social fun! My friends and I “chat and chew” at one of our favorite eateries, filling the afternoon with good company and good cheer. In the evening, I hang out by the sea and enjoy Corozal’s nature. This may be my favorite part of the week.

Sunday is a special day of reflection. I contemplate how much I have accomplished, everything I have enjoyed throughout the week, and who I may have encouraged to join me in this piece of paradise.

Every week I realize that I have received so much more than I have given over the past seven days…

The rewards of living here are endless.


Marie Peay

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