Back To Reality

Back To Reality

Harry and I returned to Panama Friday afternoon to be greeted by a heavy dose of reality. Back in the office, we read CNN reports and New York Times bulletins and remembered that, oh, right…it’s the end of the world as we know it.

For three-and-a-half days, we’d enjoyed a respite…a glimpse of the world through Nicaraguan eyes. While global markets are collapsing all around them, Nicaraguans continue to herd their cattle, to tend their sugar cane, to rock slowly in their big wicker chairs…

They seem in no hurry to get anywhere or to do anything in particular, and, watching them, you begin to wonder why you are.

The price of oil…the price of gold…the dollar/euro exchange rate…the closing figures for the Dow and the FTSE…these things seem far away and unimportant when you wander the roads of this beautiful and right now dazzlingly green country.

Why not settle in here, as my young marketing manager suggested more than once during our too-brief visit. “Can’t we stay on?” he asked.

Back in the real world, I’m wondering the same thing myself. Why not return to Granada…or to a spot on the country’s beautiful Pacific coast…and escape the worries, the troubles, the near-panic of life in the so-called developed world right now.

You sure could live well on little. Nicaragua today is cheap the way Mexico was cheap 20 years ago and Panama was cheap last decade. Harry and I enjoyed a breakfast of fried eggs, bacon, toast, orange, juice, and tea, on the front porch of Granada’s Alhambra hotel, for US$5. That was the cost for both breakfasts, including tax and tip.

As world events continue to eat away at your nest egg…how are you ever going to be able to afford to retire?

Nicaragua offers one really appealing option. You could live well in this country on as little as US$954 a month.

Harry and I made this trip to Nicaragua with a clear objective. We wanted to judge the market…and then we wanted to identify the best real estate opportunities it has to offer right now.

Here’s our impression: The market bottomed out when Ortega was elected. Two years later, word on the ground is that it’s beginning to recover. Developers we spoke with reported making more sales in the past two months than in the past 24. Perhaps the corner is being turned…

Meantime, here’s our recommendation: Come see for yourself. Nicaragua is beautiful…Granada is one of the most romantic places on earth…and, right now, you can own a little piece of either or both for what amounts to a pittance.


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