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Nevis Vs. Caymans Vs. BVI Vs. Hong Kong Vs. Panama—The World’s Premier Offshore Havens Compared

Back in the office in Panama City after a week in the Big Apple, I’m struggling to catch up with everything that’s new since I’ve been away…

First, tomorrow is the final day for the Early Bird Discount for our Live & Invest in Belize Conference, scheduled for June 21-23 in Belize City. Starting Saturday, May 1, the price of registration increases US$200 per person. If your name is on the Pre-registration List for this event, you’re due an additional special discount of US$100 per person. Combine this with the Early Bird Discount and save a total of US$300 per person…again, though, only through Midnight tomorrow night. Details here.

The Early Bird Discount is also in effect now for our Live & Invest in France Conference, scheduled for July 22-23 in Paris. Again, this saves you US$200 per person off the cost of registration, and, again, this Early Bird Discount can be combined with other France Conference discounts currently in effect. More information here.

These are the only Belize and France events we will hold this year, so I urge you to make time in your schedule to join us if at all possible.

Other important news that has greeted me upon my return to the office:

  • Overseas Retirement Letter Editor-in-Chief Lynn Mulvihill is back in her native Ireland following her month-long family adventure in Montenegro, with stop-overs in Croatia. Her conclusions? Montenegro is a frontier land of adventure, probably more than the typical overseas retiree is bargaining for. Croatia, on the other hand, is one of the world’s top retirement havens right now. We recommend in particular the hill towns of the Istrian peninsula and the capital city of Zagreb, which Lynn will feature in the May issue of Overseas Retirement Letter, in production now…
  • Also in production is the May issue of the Panama Letter, which features a comparative guide to the pluses and the minuses of incorporating offshore in the world’s premier offshore havens right now. This is our guide to Nevis versus Switzerland versus the BVI versus the Cayman Islands versus Hong Kong versus Panama…and for why, for very particular reasons, Panama comes out on top. Again, if you’re not yet a Panama Letter subscriber, become one here now in time to read this comprehensive guide to choosing an offshore haven for incorporation…

Finally, last Friday, resident global real estate investing expert Lief Simon alerted you to a special zero-interest property financing opportunity on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua available for Live and Invest Overseas readers only.

We’ve just realized that the follow-up-for-further-information link we included with that special dispatch wasn’t functioning properly. As a result, if you inquired for more details on this opportunity to enjoy no-interest financing for your purchase on a golf course at the beach (with only 20% down), your inquiry did not make it through.

Frankly, this is a dream buy, both beach and golf. Plus, you’re buying into a fully master-planned, fully turn-key community. And, with this special offer, you’re able to secure your future retirement here with a low down payment. The no-build requirement means you’re in no rush to build or to take a next step until you’re ready.

Full details here. This time, we promise the link works.

Kathleen Peddicord


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