Retire Overseas Index 2014

Coming Soon: 2014 Retire Overseas Index

Our far-flung team of editors, under the direction of Managing Editor Kat Kalashian, has been working overtime lately on a big-deal, once-a-year-project: the compilation of our annual Retire Overseas Index.

Our team is checking prices (for everything from bread and milk to gasoline and cable TV), revising climate stats (for average annual rainfall and the number of sunny days each year), updating residency visa details, tax rates, and economic indicators, and touching base with on-the-ground correspondents to confirm current property prices.

This is no small undertaking, and this year this important project is being undertaken with more vigor and enthusiasm than ever. Our 2014 Retire Overseas Index will be more comprehensive, more detailed, and more useful than any one that has preceded it. It will also feature seven new destinations. In addition to perennial favorites and longstanding top choices, this year’s Index will also present Buenos Aires, Argentina; Samana, Dominican Republic; Pau, France; Barcelona, Spain; Algarve, Portugal; Nha Trang, Vietnam; and Dumaguete, Philippines.

I don’t want to give anything more away at this point…other than to say that the fully updated budget for each destination in the Index, along with comprehensive overviews on residency, health care, taxes, and the property markets in each case, will be featured in an expanded special edition of our Overseas Retirement Letter that will be delivered to subscribers Aug. 15.

Every attendee at this August’s Retire Overseas Conference will receive a copy, too. This year’s Index will serve as a starting point for discussions in Nashville to be led by dozens of expat experts. We continue adding speakers to the program to ensure we’re covering all bases. This will be the biggest retire-overseas event of the year.

If you’re considering the idea of retiring overseas but not sure where to go or how to get there, you want to be in the room with us in Music City Aug. 29–31. This is your best chance this year to consider all the world’s top retirement havens at one time and with the help of real-time, real-life experts.

Details of the program we’re planning are here. I look forward to meeting you there.

Kathleen Peddicord