Emergency Offshore Summit, Day 3

“My Wife Can Come With Me Or Not…But I’m Going”

“My wife says she’s not going anywhere. Me, after the conference is over, I’m going to Cuenca, Ecuador. That’s where I think I want to live. I know I’m not staying in the United States any longer. I’m going somewhere new. My wife can come with me or not…but I’m going…”

–Emergency Offshore Summit attendee

“One thing the United States exports now in a big way is Big Brother. Other countries look at what the United States does and think, if they can get away with it, maybe we can get away with it with our citizens, too…”

–Residency and second citizenship expert Mark Nestmann

“The only jobs the so-called ‘Hire Act’ created were 6,000 new jobs for the IRS…”

–Attorney Joel Nagel

“I don’t think there’s anywhere in the world today where you can establish ‘paper’ residency. Everywhere is going to require you to spend some time in the country…”

–Attorney Juan Federico Fischer on establishing residency in Uruguay

“When we took over management of the Canal, we were receiving US$10 million a year. Now we’re receiving more than US$900 million a year. That’s net revenues paid to the Panamanian government each year. And the expectation is that the Canal will continue to contribute that amount or more to the country indefinitely. Note that the Canal has never been out of use since it opened…”

–Panamanian attorney Rainelda Mata-Kelly

“Independent, resourceful, self-sufficient…these are the words to describe the person who is happy living in Belize…”

–Belize expat and property developer Phil Hahn

“Is this cheese for you? Some people want a hamburger topped with American. Others prefer a gourmet French cheese, rich and layered…”

–Attorney Joel Nagel on deciding whether or not you want or need an offshore trust as part of your asset-protection strategy

“Suddenly, farmland is sexy. People are excited about what I’ve heard referred to as the hottest new asset class. To keep things in perspective, note that farmland isn’t a new idea…”

–Attorney Juan Federico Fischer on Uruguay farmland opportunities

“Kathleen, here’s what I want. I want the 1950s back. I want to live somewhere where family matters more than anything else. Where families eat dinner together around the same table each night. Where neighbors know each other. And look out for each other. And I want simple. Services for comfortable living, but simple. Be honest with me. Does this lifestyle exist anywhere today? Or am I being unrealistic?”…

–Emergency Offshore Summit attendee

My response:

No, you’re not being unrealistic, and, yes, this “throw-back” way of life does still exist. In Belize. In parts of Panama. In parts of Colombia outside Medellin. In Uruguay…and beyond…

Kathleen Peddicord


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