Hilton Quadrupling Hotels in Latin America

Friends here in Panama in the hotel business are launching a new project: a super-high-end, ultra-exclusive, and seriously private boutique hotel at the beach. They see an emerging jet-setter market in this country.

After all, Mel and Brad and Angelina and Arnold will need a place to stay near Panama City when they’re in the country visiting their investments out on the Azuero peninsula/Los Islotes. The place is scheduled to open in 2009 and promises to be a paparazzi-free zone.


Meantime, Hilton Hotels is said to be planning to quadruple its presence in the Caribbean and Latin America over the next five years with 150 new hotels, including properties in all the region’s capitals plus places like Liberia, Costa Rica; David, Panama; and Leon, Nicaragua. Read more here.

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