How To Retire Overseas In 2011

How To Retire Overseas In 2011

We awake this day-after-Christmas morning in Baltimore to news of what forecasters here are calling the “Snow Miser Surpriser.” Young Jackson is delighted. Back in Panama, he wished for a white Christmas, and it looks like he might just get it one day late. We’re told a big snowstorm is on its way.

Meantime, Lief and I, cozy and warm inside my mom’s house, with a fire burning in the living room and the Christmas tree twinkling in the corner, are using this opportunity to finalize our Live and Invest Overseas plan for 2011. What can you look forward to in the New Year?

Here’s a preview…

First: More expanded coverage. Our 2011 editorial agenda will take you farther and wider than ever before, with more regular coverage from Asia (the world’s biggest retirement bargain right now), especially Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philippines (three places Lief and I will be visiting on an extended Asia tour over summer 2011) and Europe, too (starting with the January 2011 issue of Overseas Retirement Letter, which features a complete guide to retirement in France’s undiscovered Basque region…see below)…

Second: More hand-holding. We want to do everything we can to help you make 2011 the year you make your move. Last month, we launched our new Overseas Retirement Circle. Already, hundreds of your fellow readers already have taken advantage of this invitation to position themselves on the retire-overseas fast track.

In addition, our 2011 events calendar includes our first-ever Retire Overseas Conference Stateside. This is your chance to take a comfortable first step toward launching the new life of your dreams overseas. You don’t even need a passport.

San Antonio, Texas, October 2011. Be there! More details to follow early in the New Year.

Meantime, in June 2011, we’re planning another first: A retire-to-Latin America event. Our Retire Overseas event in the States will introduce you to the top 2011 retire-overseas options worldwide. This Live and Invest in Latin America Conference will showcase the top options in these Americas, from end to end and coast to coast. This first-time event will take place in the region’s most accessible travel hub, Panama City. Again, details very soon.

These two new conference events bring me to the third part of our Live and Invest Overseas program for 2011…

Third: More comparative analysis. “I’m drawn to both Panama and Belize but can’t decide”…”I can’t choose between Buenos Aires or Montevideo”…”I’m back and forth between France and Argentina”…

We get hundreds of e-mails like these every week. And we want to help.

How can you identify the retirement haven with your name on it?

You’ve got to compare and contrast. List out the pluses and the minuses. Understand the advantages and the downsides. You’ve got to delve beneath the rosy first impression of any would-be overseas retirement haven that catches your fancy and take a sober morning-after look.

What would your life in Retirement Haven ABC be like…compared with your life in Retirement Haven XYZ?

We’re going to help you find out. Our editorial mandate for the New Year is more depth, more substance, more real-life, real-world analysis from real experts and expats, reporting not as editors from behind a desk but as people just like you who’ve already taken the leap.

Now it’s your turn.

Here’s to 2011. The year your new life begins.

Kathleen Peddicord

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