How To Retire Overseas: Your 8-Step Guide

Your 8-Step Plan For Launching Your Overseas Retirement

“I’m ready to make my move, Kathleen,” explained an attendee at our recent conference in Medellin, Colombia. “I’m ready to go for it.

“But I’m so confused. I mean, what do I do first? And then what do I do second?

“Could you break it down for me, as though I were a child? Seriously, speak to me like one of your children. I need a step-by-step plan…”

Here you go:

Step 1: Identify A Destination. 

Where depends on what’s important to you, what kind of lifestyle you want to lead, and how much money you have to fund your retirement…

Step 2: Find An Attorney. 

If you intend to relocate full-time, arrange to meet with an attorney in your chosen destination, one experienced helping foreigners established residency, to determine the best residency visa option given your circumstances. If you don’t intend to relocate full-time, skip to Step 3…

Step 3: Find A Tax Advisor.

Speak with a tax advisor (an attorney who specializes in taxation is best) in your chosen destination…and, as well, with a tax advisor (again, an attorney experienced with international tax issues) in your home country. If you’re an American, it’s especially important that you identify two advisors and connect the dots of your new tax life with those of your old one…

Step 4: Get To Know The Property Market

Research real estate options in your destination. I strongly recommend you rent first, to give yourself a chance to try your new home (country, town, neighborhood, street, beach) on for size before committing to a real estate purchase…but there are times when buying can make sense, too…

Step 5: Know Your Options For Health Insurance

Research health insurance options, comparing local, in-country policies (cost, coverage, restrictions) with those of international options like Bupa…

Step 6: Go Virtual.

Take your administrative life virtual. Make sure you can access all bank accounts, brokerage accounts, credit card accounts, and investment portfolio online and that you can move money around from one to another electronically…

Step 7: Put Together A Plan For Your Stuff.

Figure out what to do with all your stuff. What’s coming with you, what’s going in storage, what’s being sold, and what’s being given away…

Step 8: Make It Happen.

Show up and start enjoying your new life…

Piece of cake.

This is the approach we take during the Retire Overseas Conference we hold each year. This event is not like any other on our calendar. First, it’s the only event we hold Stateside (this year we’re convening in San Antonio, Texas). Second, it’s the only event that considers all of the world’s top havens at once.

This year we’re featuring 21 top retirement havens, including your best options in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

Over three days, with the help of expats and experts from each of those 21 destinations, first, we’ll help you identify the best place for you to think about retiring overseas, given your preferences, your priorities, your personal circumstances, and your retirement budget.

Then we’ll walk you through the process, step-by-step, for how to get from where you are now to where you want to be.

Come with a dream. You’ll leave with a plan.

I’ve been hosting live and invest overseas conferences for nearly 30 years. This one is like no other.

Kathleen Peddicord

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