Life On The Costa Tropical

Life On The Costa Tropical

“In Irish media circles,” writes Overseas Retirement Letter Editor-in-Chief Lynn Mulvihill, “it’s being referred to as ‘the R-word,’ or ‘the big R.’ So weary of it is the general public that we can no longer speak its name. Better to ignore it, mull along as usual, and we might just pull through. That’s one way of coping with a recession.”

As Lynn points out in the June issue of the Overseas Retirement Letter, out this week, you, dear reader, have better options.

Rather than allowing yourself to become overwhelmed by these tough economic times, you have an opportunity to rise above the fray and formulate your own Plan B.

Focus not on recession, but, as Lynn puts it, other, more interesting R-words: Retire overseas…a chance to Restart your life… to Reinvent yourself…to have more time to Relax and Rediscover your favorite pursuits…

This month’s Overseas Retirement Letter focuses on a place where you can realize all these dreams: the town of Almuñécar on Spain’s Costa Tropical. Correspondent Lucy Culpepper files a full report on expat living along this “other” coast of Spain.

As Lucy explains, “The Costa Tropical has three main towns: Motril, a typical bustling port town with an impressive 18-hole golf course; Salobreña, a pretty, whitewashed village perched on a hill topped by a Moorish fort; and the low-key tourist town of Almuñécar (almoo-nyEAh-car).

“Of the three, I chose to focus on Almuñécar in my Overseas Retirement Letter feature, because it combines the charm of a typical Spanish town with the best of northern European influences and services. The locals are open and friendly, and the expats are happy to be here. Further, I appreciate the area for its beaches, market, restaurants, local attractions, and fiestas.

“Unlike the more well-known Spanish coastal towns, Almuñécar (population 22,000) has hung on to its Spanish charm and tends to attract more Spanish than foreign visitors. The town has an incredibly wide range of historical influences including Phoenician, Roman, and Moorish.

“As the Mayor of Almuñécar puts it, ‘How could you live anywhere else?’ He has a point…”

This region of Spain is also highly affordable. You could rent a one-bedroom modern apartment or townhouse for as little as 350 euro a month (that’s less than US$500). Lucy’s report features full cost-of-living budget details, including costs for housing, medical care, health insurance, utilities, your monthly grocery spend, and entertainment, and is supported by a wealth of information, research, and other online material, all accessible via links throughout the article.

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