Live And Invest In Belize Conference

Like Key West Back In The Day

“I want to retire now. I don’t want to defer it any longer. But I can’t quite afford it. I need just a little extra income…a little something on the side…”

–One attendee at last week’s Live and Invest in Belize Conference (Speaker and part-time Belize expat Phil Hahn had a great suggestion for how to earn the little extra income required in Belize’s Cayo District)


“Belize is like Key West back in the day…”

–A Live and Invest in Belize Conference attendee who grew up in Key West

“Forget the golf course! Put in a garden instead…”

–Belize developer Phil Hahn on the vision behind his Carmelita community

“This isn’t a consumer culture. This is a conservation culture…”

–Expat Amma Carey on the experience of living in Belize

Belize is an entire country that feels like a small town…”

–Belize expat Macarena Rose

“The motto of Belize is: ‘Under the shade of the mahogany tree we flourish.’ In my now long experience doing business in Belize, I’ve learned that, if ever I can’t find a local business partner, it’s a good bet that he’s under the shade of a mahogany tree somewhere…flourishing…”

–Phil Hahn

“Go slow. We have two cemeteries and no hospital.”

–Sign on Caye Caulker, Belize

“There are more than 600 Mayan ruin sites in Belize. It’s the greatest density of sites in all the Mundo Maya. In some caves in some parts of the country, you walk past Mayan pottery…actual pots made and used and left behind by the Mayans themselves…just laying around on the ground. There’s the chance that the Department of Anthropology will close these caves, but, for now, they’re open. You can visit them anytime…”

–Belize expat Jim Hardesty

“In September 1798, the Spaniards had been trying to push the Belizean settlers out. Local lore here in Belize has it that the Belizeans, a rag-tag band of pirates, slaves, and misfits, beat off the mighty Spanish Armada. That’s not actually what happened. What actually happened is that the Belizeans annoyed the Spanish into leaving. Those pirates, slaves, and misfits swam out into the ocean and cut the lines of the Spanish ships…again and again. They moved the channel markers and generally irritated and confused the Spanish, who, eventually, gave up and went home.

“This Battle of St. George’s Caye, as it’s called, is a good lesson for life in Belize. Belize will do her best to annoy you…to drive you away. Don’t let her. Life here is worth all the struggles and all the frustrations…”

–Phil Hahn

Kathleen Peddicord



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