Live And Invest In Belize Conference

Where Else In The World Could This Happen?

“I have moments when I think, where else in the world could this happen?” explained Belize expat Amma Carey to the assembled group at last week’s Live & Invest in Belize Conference.

“I was at Celebrity’s, a popular restaurant in Belize City the other day,” she continued, “having dinner with a German Mennonite, a descendant of Mayan Royalty, and a Jamaican. Where else in the world would that happen?

“I was driving home recently and a wild Toucan flew overhead.

“I’ve learned that, in Belize, a dog house isn’t always a dog house. Sometimes it’s an iguana house…

“Here in Belize, you and I are referred to as ‘gringos.’ Nobody means anything by it, but nobody’s too concerned about being politically correct down here either. Don’t get offended.

“When I returned from time in the United States, they told me I ‘come back thick and clear.’ That is, I was pale and plump. I explained to my Belizean friends that Americans don’t like to be told they are pale and plump.

“Here in Belize, you get back what you give out. First impressions are very important. If you are the ugly foreigner, you will be treated like the ugly foreigner in return.

“The community is very tight knit here. Everyone knows what is going on. We all need to protect our image here, us gringos.

“Activities in Belize are endless. Go out and make this place your own. Start on a healthier note and make healthy choices. Many expats lose weight when they move to Belize. They are more active, they are making healthier lifestyle choices.

“My best advice for anyone considering starting a new life in Belize is to get involved and get engaged. You have outstanding opportunities to become a part of the whole community in this country. You could connect with the girl scouts, the boy scouts, a church group, the Lions Club, the Rotary, Kiwanis, 4H, etc. There are so many groups here that really need your helping hand.

“We all take care of each other down here. Here in Belize, it’s not about the government taking care of us. We take care of ourselves and of each other. When there is a tragedy, the neighbors step up to help. It is such a different way of life than I knew back in the United States. I really appreciate being part of it.

“Belize is a small country, a very intimate place. You really can make a difference here.”

Kathleen Peddicord