Live And Invest In Ecuador Conference

Save The Dates—Come, Discover The World’s Most Affordable Place To Retire Well

The AP reporter who interviewed me last week for his article on Americans retiring overseas got to the heart of things straightaway:

“Is it really possible for an American to reduce his cost of living by retiring overseas and still retire well?” he asked.

Yes, it is, I explained.

The number-one choice right now for retiring well on a budget is Ecuador.

It’s been several years since I’ve spent time in Ecuador, so I’m no real expert at this point. Fortunately, I know someone who is. Our Latin America Correspondent Lee Harrison, in fact, qualifies as THE Ecuador expert. Lee and his wife retired to Cuenca more than a decade ago.

As Lee explains it, “Ecuador saved my retirement. Julie and I never could have afforded to retire when we did if we’d continued living in the United States. We both decided to take early retirement, at the age of 49. We wanted an adventure. We wanted to reinvent our lifestyle. But we didn’t have the retirement nest egg to support us through what likely would be decades of retirement. We knew we’d have to make a change, and we embraced the idea. Very fortunate for us, we discovered Ecuador…”

With Lee’s help, we have been working for the past couple of months to put together an all-new Live and Invest in Ecuador Conference program that will feature Lee (of course), but, as well, all his top personal contacts and resources in this country–all the experts, advisors, expats, and friends who have helped to make Lee and Julie’s long experiences in Ecuador as successful and fulfilling as they have been.

Lee is helping to design the program, which we hope to be able to detail for you within the next two weeks. Meantime, we’ve set the dates: Feb. 13-15, 2013.

If you’re worried about how you’re ever going to be able to afford to retire, this is the answer. Ecuador offers a great diversity of appealing options for a rich, full, comfortable retirement, from Quito to Cuenca, from Vilcabamba to Otavalo…and beyond. Options that could be yours even if your retirement budget is very small (as little as US$600 per month).

With the help of Lee and his resources from across this beautiful country, we’ll show you all your top Ecuador retirement choices when we convene in Quito next February.

As I said, we hope to be able to share complete details of the program we’re planning within two weeks’ time.

Save the dates (Feb. 13-15, 2013). And stand by for more details soon.

Kathleen Peddicord


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