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Registration Opens Wednesday For Biggest Retire Overseas Event Of 2013

In more than 25 years planning and hosting conferences around the world, I’ve never seen such a strong initial response. The level of inquiry to our offices over the past week, since we announced plans for our all-new Live and Invest in Ecuador program, has been unprecedented.

In fact, so many readers have registered their early interest in this event that we’ve had to reconsider. Not whether to hold the conference (heavens no…I’d fear revolt among our dear readers if I had to report the event was cancelled!)…but where to hold the conference. Our Conference Director Lauren spent all day Thursday and Friday in search of a bigger venue. (She’s now vetting the Hilton Colon Quito.)

This welcome detour means that we’ve had to delay our launch date. We’d intended to begin accepting registrations tomorrow. However, we’ve pushed back the official opening for sign-ups until Wednesday. By then, Lauren will have finalized all details.

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