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I’ll be mercifully brief this morning, as I’ve got to run out the door shortly to make my way across town to the Sheraton Hotel, where, later today, we’re kicking off this week’s Live & Invest in Panama Conference.

I’m going to open the program for the 140 in attendance with a warts-and-all overview of living, investing, and doing business in this country. Panama isn’t for everyone, but there’s a reason we continue to name it the world’s top retirement and doing business haven. In fact, I’m more comfortable in these positions today, after having lived and run my business here for the past three years, than ever.

That said, yes, sure, there are downsides, frustrations, and complexities, which I’ll do my best to demystify for those assembled.

I’m also planning to walk the group through a series of three budgets for living in Panama–one for living in Panama City, in the popular El Cangrejo neighborhood; a second for living at the beach, in colonial Las Tablas; and a third for expat life in the interior of the country, in Boquete. My prepared cipherings show dramatic disparities among the costs of living in different regions across this country and, as well, in different neighborhoods of Panama City.

As I’ll explain for our conference-goers later today, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all budget for living anywhere…and a single budget for living in Panama (or in any other country) is meaningless.

If you aren’t able to join us this week, don’t worry. We’ll be getting it all on tape, and we’ll be making the complete library of conference recordings available as part of our all-new, fully revised, and greatly expanded Live & Invest in Panama Home Conference Kit.

The conference recordings package won’t be ready until two weeks following the completion of this week’s program. However, we’re making the entire new Live & Invest in Panama Home Conference Kit available pre-release, starting today, at a full 50% discount.

Kathleen Peddicord

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