Live And Invest Overseas Conference

Overheard In Scottsdale

“I was sure of my choice. I knew where I was going. Then I came here to Scottsdale this week. Now I’m completely confused. You and your team have opened my eyes to so many other appealing choices…”

“I’m going to Puerto Vallarta. No, I’m going to Roatan. No, I’m going to Ambergris Caye. No, I’m going to Puerto Vallarta…”

“Kathleen, my wife has been struggling with MS for many years. Her mobility is very restricted. But we’re committed to making a move. We really want to do this. What do you think would be the best choice for us in Latin America?”…

[Response: Puerto Vallarta.]

“I visited Cuenca. It’s a nice city. But it’s not for me. Ecuador wasn’t for me. That’s why I’m here. Once I checked Ecuador off my list, then I was back at the drawing board. I came for other ideas, and, boy, you sure have delivered them…”

“Kathleen, Lee Harrison’s Colombia country presentation convinced me. I’m going to Medellin. What are the dates for your next conference there?”…

“Kathleen, I’m trying to decide between Medellin and Europe. What do you think? Could I really, possibly, afford Europe? Maybe France or Italy? Or is that a pipe dream? And, if I can’t afford Europe, do you think that Medellin is a reasonable compromise choice?”…

[Response: This attendee likely could afford Europe, given her budget. I suggested that she wander over to Euro-expert Lucy Culpepper’s table and have a focused conversation to detail costs and budgets. However, should she decide she’s not confident her nest egg could support Europe, then, yes, Medellin would be a great compromise choice. Very European city offering a very European lifestyle at a super-bargain rate.]

“Welcome to the ‘Perpetual Traveler’ workshop,” Paul Terhorst remarked at the start of his and Vicki’s special presentation on being a perpetually traveling retiree overseas. “Otherwise known as the looniest discussion of this entire conference. Who in the world would want to do this?”…

“Do you know anywhere in the world that offers full-time care facilities? I’m thinking long-term and wondering if there’s anywhere where this option is available…”

[Response: Lee Harrison has reported recently on a good option for this in Cuenca, Ecuador. I suggested this attendee go look for Lee in the exhibit hall and ask him for more information.]

“Years ago, maybe 20, I had the idea to move to another country to buy a farm. Instead, I bought a farm here in the States. Back then, figuring all this out just seemed too daunting, so I gave up on the idea. Now, here, listening to your presenters, I’m thinking that, finally, I could do what I wanted to do all those years ago. Now I’m going to do it…”

“Kathleen, I found you through yahoo. I read something you’d written that got posted to yahoo. I followed the links. Saw something about this conference. I live nearby, here in Scottsdale, so, I figured, what the heck, I’ll sign up. Go take a look. See what all this is about. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. You’ve introduced me to a whole new world. I had no idea about any of this. Now how can I go back to my same old life in Scottsdale? How can I do that?”…

Kathleen Peddicord

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