Living, Investing, And Owning Property In The Dominican Republic

Your Caribbean Dream Come True

For some, the dream of living or retiring overseas is all about white-sand beaches, swaying palm trees, and lapping emerald waters.

That is, for some, the fantasy is not of a new life overseas but of a new life in the Caribbean.

The trouble is that the Caribbean can be costly. Many assume it must surely be beyond their budget.

If that includes you, I have good news. You can afford the Caribbean. In fact, you can afford the best of the Caribbean.

I’ve been scouting, tromping, and lazing on Caribbean beaches for more than 30 years…

From Bermuda to the Bahamas, Puerto Rico to the Caymans, the Turks and Caicos, the BVI, and Margarita Island to St. John’s, Cuba, St. Martin, and beyond, I’ve put my two bare feet on a lot of white sand.

Much of it is, indeed, pricey. And after a while, to be honest, it all kind of runs together. If you’ve seen one pretty white-sand beach, you begin to think, you’ve seen them all.

One Caribbean spot in particular, however, stands out among the bunch, not only because the cost both of living and of beachfront digs are relative bargains, but also because this place doesn’t look or feel like all the others.

It’s got stunning white-sand beaches, long stretches of them…

However, it’s also got something unique—one of the most charming towns you’ll find anywhere in the region, Las Terrenas, a town that manages to be both barefoot Caribbean and Euro-chic.

The Dominican Republic, which lies but a two-hour flight from the East Coast of the United States, has been working hard in recent years to make itself irresistible to North American retirees and second-home-in-the-sun shoppers.

On top of its soft sandy beaches and sparkling lapping seas, it has layered one of the world’s most user-friendly residency programs. You can qualify at any age, and temporary residency is usually granted within 45 days of your application. As a resident under this program, you can import your vehicle and household goods tax-free. You also enjoy tax exemptions on household items and property transfers, a 50% reduction of property tax, and more.

The other big advantage this Caribbean paradise has over its competition is its cost of real estate.

You can own an apartment located but a five-minute walk from the beach for as little as US$100,000. If your budget stretches a little further, you could become the proud owner of a Caribbean beachfront villa, and even a great big dream mansion is a fraction of the usual multimillion-dollar price tag in this part of the world.

You can rent for much less than in other Caribbean destinations, too—including, say, a one-bedroom apartment a short walk from the beach for as little as US$400 a month.

If you are captivated by the Caribbean lifestyle, you owe it to yourself to give the Dominican Republic a look…

And you need to do it now—before the rest of the world catches on. Property values have been depressed since 2008 but are beginning to move up. This is the window to act.

The Dominican Republic is the best of the Caribbean and the most affordable. That’s why we’ve named it our #1 pick in this region…

In Las Terrenas, specifically, you can embrace the best of Caribbean living but also enjoy First World amenities and entertainment nearby, as well as an instant welcome by the large, diverse, and growing resident expat community.

Stunning beaches, gourmet restaurants, and a cultured European community… plus excellent medical care and the best property buys in the region. That’s Las Terrenas.

Remarkably, this under-the-radar beach town is a place where you and a significant other could live right near the beach on a budget of as little as US$1,355 a month.

With a budget of US$2,000 or more, you could afford more nights out, extra help around the house… a real life of Riley on the shores of the Caribbean Sea…

Kathleen Peddicord